Natural Vaginal Childbirth And Memory Loss

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jpolence - November 21

My OB told me that women who opt to get natural va___al childbirth without drugs tend to be more forgetful in the later( or even earlier) years of their lives, is that true?!


mandee25 - November 24

Never heard of this before. I don't really believe it though.


captainswife - November 25

I've never heard that either...Sounds like they don't wanna hear all your screaming from natural childbirth and are looking for an easy way out. lol. I am going to try for natural. Nothing I have ever read about pregnancy and childbirth in the last few years has said anything along those lines.


jpolence - December 2

Been researching about it online too, haven't found any studies about it yet. I'm beginning to think that she just said that, so I would opt to get the services of her anestesia partner.


sagekelli - December 30

no not true at all! but you tend to remeber the birth in a more dream like way, i think because you remember it more know how you wake up with a "feeling" but can't quite remember why. i mean i do remember my birth very well but its a wonderful dreamy memory (and yes i DO remember the painful parts) its still wonderful tho and i wouldn't have it any other way. you should read ina may's guide to childbirth its an easy read very informative and inspiring


mommybabyboy21 - December 31



sarahbaby11 - January 30

i'd say its a load of b.s. i had one daughter with drugs and the second without and i remember just as much as i did before i had either sounds like your doc is just against midwives. personally i think o doctor are afraid at the amount of women chosing natural births unless a medical birth is necessary for safety. more women that give birth without them the less $$$$$$ they make


Chris1975 - February 8

I was watching "in the Womb" national geographic show and they advised that its scientifically proven that the natural hormone oxytocin which brings on contractions releases chemicals which trigger and alter your state of memory...which could be why women are hazy about the amount of pain they go thru in childbirth once its over! I dont think its relevant to later stages of life or anything...just the memory of the actual period of labour.



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