Naturally Inducing Labour

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suzanne - December 2

has anyone got any tips of how to encourage labour naturally, ive got a date for induction of next thursday but was just looking for tips that work! heard the whole curry and red wine etc but do any of these ways actually work


Kim - December 3

there are so many different things that they say work, and the question is do they really work or is it a coinceidence that they go into labor after woman have tried them? Some say lots of s_xy, and that the sperm softens the cervix. I've heard nipple stimilation. Then there's lots of walking. Then there is the one about the spiciest food. The doctor can strip your membranes. As I type I am trying to think of what else they say works. Uhm never head of the red wine nor whole curry, but I know some curry is spicey so that could be under the spice food group! But whatever you try, good luck!


Kelly - December 8

2-4 ounces of castor oil (the kind in the pharmacy section). Everyone I've talked to says it WORKS. look up inducing labor naturally online for details. Good luck.


sarah - December 10

is cod liver oil the same as caster oil and do the capsuels work like liquid to induce labour?


Tiffany - December 11

My friend tried the castrol oil 3ml mixed in OJ she delivered that night less than two hours after she drank it. I know s_x worked for me. the Nipple stimmulation works but you have to do it for 1-2 hours everyday for 2weeks. Rasberry tea i heard works and my friend walked 2 miles and was in labor about 30min after


Jayne - December 29

I'm 39 weeks and tried castor oil, it tastes disgusting and despite taking the full 4 oz all it did was give me the runs, on the other hand loads of people say it works, just don't set your heart on it as you might be disappointed.


Amanda - December 29

I just wanted to let you all Know that i went to my doc yesterday and i am really wanting to have my baby this is my 3rd boy and i am 38 weeks and i talked to him about how i can get things started and he told me NOT to use castor oil its not good for you or the baby .The only thing he told me is to have s_x,I know its not the thing thats on your mind but i had s_x the other night and did go into labor my contractions where 3 mins apart i wasnt dilated nothing but after 3 hours of it i was 1 finger and 70 percent effaced so it does work just not as fast as i would like it to so i am going to try again i let ya know if it works. But most imortant thing is they will come when there ready.......


Christine - December 29

Castor oil can give you and the baby a very serious infection...they really dont approve of its use in helping to bring on labor at All..good luck to you ladies that are using it...I would stick with s_x..honestly I dont believe that anything in general go when the baby is ready and thats that..good luck


Nikki - January 4

evening primrose oil. it comes in gel capsules like vitamin e. my midwife advised me to swallow 2 by mouth and use a plastic applicator to insert one close to my cervix just before bed. she told me to urinate before bed and try not to get up for as long as possible after the capsule was inserted. i'm not sure if this is what worked or if it was the barometric pressure dropping (it rained all day the next day) but i started labor that night and by 4:20 am my water broke. i had my daughter at 5:38 pm.


Nikki - January 4

Most doctors/midwives do not approve of castor oil. it can cause an upest stomach and get you dehydrated. It's not good to be dehydrated and in labor.


sarah - January 24

im 42 weeks getting induced this thursday i tried everything apart from cod liver oil as i was told its dangerous i guess the only thing to is wait


erika - February 3

castor oil is not a safe method of inducing labor... or that's what I've been told and read anyway. Blue and Black Cohesh taken in tincture form are also popular, but one of them (I'm quite sure it's the black) can also cause excessive bleeding in the mother. It is not recommended because it can cause serious problems with bleeding if you have to have an episiodomy or emergancy c-section. Nipple stimulation is one of the tried and true methods... but it tends to be slow going as someone else mentioned. Walking is actually one of the best methods, gravity helps pull the baby into the right position, which makes the cervix soften/efface/open. S_x, while generally undignified and unwelcome at nine months pregnant does work. Female orgasm contracts the uterus, which can encourage you to go into labor. And s____n contains the hormone that makes your cervix soften. Borage oil applied directly to the cervix (you can generally get it in capsuls to be inserted v____ally) is something one of my midwives recommended for my first pregnancy. I can't think of anything else... basically it's walk and have s_x, or beg your doctor for induction.


Rebecca - February 8

Raspberry leaf tea


sue - February 8

try drinking raspberry leaf tea you can get it at holland a barratt or any health shop good luck


tessama - February 20

I was due on the 18th of feb 2005 and they said if i dont go in labour before thursday they have schedualed induction. I sam one of those women who was allnatural with my thryee children. and it has been ten years andnow this should i be concerned and is induction not natural. and will mylabour go fast like the others my first was 3 hours the sec was 2 and the last was one


Bobbie - February 20 trying to go in labor too and nothing is working i tryed walking and just got tierd and eveything else isn't working


Vanessa - February 20

I am due today and also was wondering about the whole hot s_x, hot curry thing. I really don't think anything works - we should really just relax and let it happen when it happens! (But it is soooo hard to keep waiting!!) :-)



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