Need Advice I Just Gave Birth To My Second

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Maggie - February 10

Hi ladies! On 02/06/06 my second child, Kathleen Mary was born. I'm offering my advice to you because I have now experienced both a very nice easy labor and delivery, and with this one a quite difficult labor and delivery. Both were beautiful experiences but they were each extremely different. Any advice I can give I will be happy to do so.


Olivene - February 12

What were the differences between the two?


Angela - February 12

what made the second so difficult?


Maggie - February 12

Well with my first I was induced so everything was very controlled. My epidural was given before I was in any real pain and it worked great. I never had a horrible contraction with that labor. While it took me 2 hours to push my son out, it was for the most part pain-free. This time I went in to labor on my own. Within 20 minutes of my water breaking my contractions were 2 minutes apart, and very strong. I wasn't progressing as far as dilation so I was sent walking. After 2 hours of walking I couldn't take the pain anymore so I was given an epidural. I jumped as they were putting the needle in, and my epidural became a spinal. I was given pitocin because my labor slowed down, and then my spinal failed. Within an hour I was fully dilated in hard labor with no pain medication. My doctor refused to give me any other pain med because my blood pressure was kind of all over the place. I went through hard labor and delivery with no help from pain. Thankfully I only had to push for a 1/2 hour before my daughter was born, but I will tell you it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I lost control a couple of times, and I really had to work to keep my composure so I could push. My labor was entirely in my back which they say is the most painful type of labor. While I'm feeling good nearly a week later I'm recovering much slower. I know I will be fine but now I truely know what it is to experience labor and delivery from both sides.


to maggie. - February 13

first of all many congratulations on the birth of your daughter.I have a question,when you wake what happened to know you were in labour,was it water breaking,pains?Also is it true to say the pains feel like pre-menstral cramps? I think they inform you how long to wait at home before going to the hospital,how did you cope in the early stages?I realise the 1st you were induced,so you were in hospital.I was told that the pains come fast with an induction,yet you had the epidural early?I am scared of not being able to cop with the pain,but having to,and the thought of crowing even if it is only a moment seems excruciating.


chrissy - February 13

I wanted to share this with you, labor is nothing like menstration, and who ever told you that it felt like cramps, couldn't be more off. Doctors say that woman tend to not remember what labor felt like when all is said and done, but if you are like me and Maggie, you tend to remember. For my 1st, I went into labor on a friday morning at 6 Am, but waited for contractions to get closer and stronger. by 9 Am, i got tired of the pain and woke my hubby up. We went to the hospital, and were admitted. I didnt get my epidoural until 6 Pm the next day, and was having full on hard contractions. So i got the epidoural and went to sleep. The next day (sunday) at 10 Am, i was fully dialated and ready to push. It took me 3 hours to get her out (not from being lazy, from being exausted). so labor is not a piece of cake, like menstration is. and when you have a baby, then you can say that your "monthly" is a piece of cake. Not all labor are like that though, each different. My bag of waters broke for my son and i sat at the hospital for 10 hours waiting for contractions, but nothing happened, so i was given Pitocin. 1 hour later my son was born, and i made it fine through that one to. now i am on my 3rd and i am 37 weeks pregnant. either way this labor ends up going, in the end, its all worth it!


Maggie - February 13

Well my water did happen to break upon waking up, but in no way was it painful. When my contractions came I felt like someone was squeezing my back really hard. I called my doc as soon as my water broke. He told me to take a shower and make my way to the hospital, but he warned me that b/c this was not my first baby things could progress very fast. You have to remember that pitocin will not work fast if you weren't ready to go into labor, thats why it worked slow the first time, and fast the second time. I hate to inform you that you will feel the baby crowning no matter what. The good news is that it is over so quick. Once you crown you maybe have to push 2 more times, and the baby is born. Whatever you experience during labor and delivery the end result is so wonderful so don't worry about it. I've learned you can't plan for these things to go one way or the other. Whatever will be will be.



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