Need Help Is It Time To See Doc Maybe Pre Labor At 27wks

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Tiff - May 18

Two weeks ago I passed for the first time in my life a ball of snot almost the size of a quarter. I didn't know about mucus plug then so I posted and someone said it sounded like a mucus plug. I read that when you lose them early in preg they can regenerate. So I didn't worry about it. Well, for the last week I have had a persistant headach, not normal for me either. I've taken a little Tylenol but only like one pill a day. The headaches calm but then come back. I woke up again with the headach and am now getting worried. And yesterday evening I felt like I was leaking so I put a pad on and it has a little red blood tint to it. My periods usually starts brown, not red. It's not dark, but it seems like more watery. I could see on the pad more watery/light gel from the pad with just a little tint of red/pink. Also, I couldn't feel the baby move as much yesterday, he didn't move much before and I just started feeling him at 20 weeks. I read that they run out of room, but I am still worried and think I may need to go to urgent care. I just wanted to find out from you all if these sound like pre-labor symptoms. I don't think I feel contractions or even braxon hicks but at time I just feel sick and can't talk a lot due to shortness of breath and I can't move around a lot either. I feel to tired! Please Help! THANK YOU in ADVANCE.


MImoza - May 18

At first it seems you are having a panic attack. I don' t thik it might be pre-labour but i would immeidtaely go to doc and check with him, at the end this is why the docs are.Even in the worst case if it is pre term labour they can stop it with medicines if you go in time so take it easy . Pls keep us informed


Christina - May 19

I would definitely call your doctor right away! I have read symptoms of pre-term and it sounds like some of what you are experiencing. If nothing else you are better safe than sorry!!



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