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yumymumy - January 12

im pregnant for the 2nd time. for some unknown reson i am more anxious, scared and worried over the turn out of this birth than what i was with my son... i mean with my 1st boy, i read so much and watyched videos and still until you go through it your just day dreaming over it. now i know what to expect/ and what not to expect its really stressing me out. i thought at first im a bit worried but im dreaming about stressing and i wake up somehow thinking of things to do with labour and birth. im terriffied of being cut or tearing, maybe everyone is but im really serious i DO NOT want to tear, and if the nurse comes close to me with sissors ill get angry.. i know things have to be done becasue of the baby.. i almost had to be cut (wich makes tearing worse) and luckly i was on the last push and he made it through... i dont want to take the chance again, i dont want to deal with a fast labour, big baby and more than likley to tear!!!!! its my worst nightmare and i wont do it, ill book myself for a c section. please help should i talk to someone? my husband thinks i go on about it too much and 'dont worry' !! MEN!...


rockwife - January 12

Hello yumymumy. Actually, I was really terrified but not because of a daydreamy second pregnancy. This is my first and I KNOW anything could happen. In fact I didn't confess to anyone for a little while I was even pregnant because the more I read the more I worried about mc in the first month! I can't COUNT the number of horrific dreams I had! I was nervous even after I saw my doctor. Luckily, I found a book that made me feel better and more in control of the situation. It's called Maternal Fitness and it's more than an exercising book. It has a lot of the do's and do not's and things the doctors will try to get away with (like the cutting your talking about.) that if you don't want, then you should NOT do. In fact, if you do tear then natural tearing without cutting a__sistance is actually better and will heal faster! There's a tiny section in the book I even made my husband read so when I'm in labor and can't think if the doctor is doing something he knows I don't want, he can stand up for me. I love my book. It makes me feel so much more in control of the situation. I hope you find something similar to latch onto. Look around and you're bound to find something comforting. Then never let go until your baby is in your arms.:)



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