No Dialation Or Effacing

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lexieryan77 - January 23

I am 38 weeks along today and I am not dialating or anything. My doctor doesn't tell me much. what does this mean!!??


mjvdec01 - January 23

It just means that your baby isn't ready to come out yet. It is normal, technically you still have two weeks, and a lot can happen in that time. If you feel like you aren't being informed enough by your OB, you need to let him know and make sure he knows that you don't understand exactly what is, or isn't happening. Talk to him at your next check. You will be fine.


lexieryan77 - January 23

thank you. i will talk to him on thursday and see what he says. i was just reading other peoples comments about then being dialated and effaced and alot of them weren't anywhere near as far along as i am. i was told as soon as the baby drops it's only a matter of time. and mine dropped 3 weeks ago.


alirenee86 - January 25

Ask your doctor flat out what percentage effaced and how many centimeters dialated you are. It's what they so so of course they have to tell you. If it makes you feel any better, I was only 1 cm (50% effaced), up until the very last minute. Out of nowhere it all dialated and effaced and 4 hours later he was out! Everybody is different and it could just happen all at once with you too.


lexieryan77 - January 25

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I was not dilated or effaced at all!! he said my cervix was barely getting soft, but nothing to get excited over.


melissap - January 25

Sometimes you can not be dialated or effaced and go into labor. That pretty much happened to me with my 2nd. With my 3rd I was dialated 1-2 and very soft from 34 weeks on and needed to be induced 15 days after my due date. You will go only when your baby and body are ready. Good luck


Krissy25 - January 25

Lexieryan this all means nothing and that is why some doctors won't check. I've seen women who have diatated at 2-3 cm and 80 % effaced for weeks and then the end up getting enduced b/c they went too far past their due date. I had my baby at 37 weeks which was a little early but i went from no effacement or diatation to my water breaking and going into labor just a few days later. I was so surprised b/c i thought i was no where near going into labor.



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