Not Gaining Any More Weight

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chante - March 24

36 1/2 weeks now and has not gained anymore weight in a month or more. Does this mean that my baby is not gaining weight also? Last checked 3/10 baby girl weighed like 6lbs8oz. So what is it? Can someone give me an answer for that.


Sarah - March 25

Not nescessarily. You could be loosing body fat and she could be gaining still. I'd watch what you're eating though. You want to make sure you're getting enough calories. They say pregnant women should take in 300 more cals. then they normally do.


chante - March 27

Thanks Sarah. That is what someone said. I was wondering. But I still eat like a hog though.


Luna - March 28

With my last pregnance, I stopped gaining ANY weight 4 weeks before my daughter was born, and she was 3 weeks early. I read somewhere this can be a sign of upcoming labor.


RJ22 - March 28

It is normal to stop gaining weight after 36 wks - it is also normal to even lose up to 2-3 lbs within the last few weeks. I wouldn't worry. At this point baby is practically full term, so must make sure you are eating healthy, as I'm sure you already are. Also remember that doctors' weight estimates can be up to 2 lbs off.


elijahsmom - March 30

no i cant..but i will tell you my weight has fluctuated sooo much from visit to visit..if the dr isnt concerned you shouldnt be either..!


sarahbaby11 - April 5

i wouldn't worry too much. if the doctor has benn measuring you then he /she will have an idea of the baby size and can tell if the baby stops gaining or growing. my daughter stop growing and i measured the same for two weeks so my doctor induced me. he said he does it as a precausion incase the placenta isn't feeding the baby. but in the end all was fine they checked the placenta after birth and found nothing wrong. hope this helps you


sarahbaby11 - April 5

oh i forgot my daughter weighed 6lbs 5 oz at birth and was perfect and still is she is 2 years old now



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