Not To Worry You But Please Remember To Breathe

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Mom - September 10

I am due with my 2nd child within the next month and lately all I can think about is labor. But I would like to remind all you ladies, that when the day comes, please remember to breathe. I lost a friend about 9 months ago because she had a blood clot on her brain and she pushed soo hard during her labor that 10 days after she had her baby she didnt wake up due from the ruption of the clot. I've been soo worried about this because with this baby Ive had soo many headaches and even had a concusion at the beginning of my pregnancy, Im definitly checking into having a cat scan done after I have the baby just to be sure.


Nelly to Mom - September 10

Good advice I had my daughter July 17 and I had a hard time breathing due to the pain. I hope you and baby do great!!:)


Me - September 10

Very good advice. I agree with you, I would forget to breathe because of the pain. When I was in pain I just wanted to hold my breath until it went away. Luckily I had a friend there that would remind me to breathe.


Aisha - September 10

I sugest that everyone try to practice not screaming when pushing because thats the biggest way to lose momentum when you need all that energy to get that baby out


Confused - September 10

Mom...if I read your post correctly, did your friend pa__s away because she held her breath during delivery? How would the doctors prove it? Wouldn't the clot be some other type of post-birth complication?


Mom - September 10

To clarify my friend had a blot clot on her brain, and the pushing is what made it burst. So many women try to push with their heads instead of their stomach and kegal muscles. When you are pushing you should not have to hold your breath at all, you should be able to push and breathe at the same time.


trinny - September 10

You sholdn't have to, but you do. I think the possibility is so remote that you shouldn't even worry about. We have enough going on with out haveing this thought floating around.


Mom - September 10

Trinny, I didnt post this to worry us pregnant women, but the fact is, these things do happen, every day... most women do not even THINK about the problems that can happen if they dont breathe right.. thats all. :)


April to Mom - September 11

I’m sorry to hear about your friend but if the blood clot burst in her brain that’s called a stroke and if holding her breath caused it she would have died while she was delivering the baby, not 10 days later. and if holding your breath


mom - September 11

my friend died in her sleep. they said it was from the blood clot bursting during labor.



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