Other Methods Of Pain Relief Other Than Epidural Natural

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aliya - November 16

Has anyone here used pain relief other than epidural? please could you describe the effectiveness of other methods? what natural methods of relief are there? has anyone use acupuncture in labor? thank you


Chris - November 16

My sister used a birthing ball to expand her pelvis. Also, I've know people who use different positions and a warm bath to help with the pain. Isn't there something you can do with hypnosis, to? Just a thought. :)


KM - November 19

do an internet search on it.you can have laughing gas that is supposed to be really effective, and there are many natural methods


Sabrina - November 25

Laughing gas won't take away the pain - just make you more "drunk link" so that you won't care about the pain as much.


Kirri - November 26

I found pethadine just made the labour last longer and made me drowsy... it did not stop the pain, but gas was the best!! good luck


dt - May 1

Seems like acupuncture might not be the best choice for labor, what if you were thrashing about and knocked a needle and poked yourself? Never tried it though so I really wouldn't know. I read about a woman with hypnosis who said she felt literally nothing, she was in a sort of trance during her whole labor. Other methods are a spinal anesthesia which I believe is sort of like an epidural but the needl / tubing doesn't stay in your back the whole time, and makes you more fully numb from the waist down. There is also some type of shot that can numb your labia / c___toris area so you still have to deal with contractions, but you won't actually feel the burning sensations of the baby coming out.


dt - May 1

..Also in the earlier part of the century women were sometimes put unconscious during childbirth, this is still done sometimes esp. during a c-sec when it is an emergency and there's no time for an epi or spinal block to kick in. This doesn't sound like a great one... just putting it here for informative purposes :)



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