OUCH Contractions

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krista-lee - April 20

okay well i know what BH contractions are like, and they are nothing compared to what i just felt. i was looking through this site and a horrible pain went through me, then on my right side it felt like my muscles were twisting and i had to stop and breathe. it lasted about 1 and 1/2 mins (it happened like 3 mins ago), it was only one but it hurt like h__l! well just one question, does your stomach actually move when a contraction is happening? cause it was just a hard pain, and only in my right side of my stomach. just asking is that what a true contraction is like? because its nothing like ive felt before!


krista-lee - April 20

oh yeah im 35 weeks, lost mucus plus, and as of last friday i was thinning (doc didnt say how much)


Mommy - April 21

I'm not really sure what you felt, but to me a real contraction felt like my stomach would get really tight and painful then it would go back down. Imagine that you have a basketball inside your stomach. When you are not having a contraction, it is a regular sized basketball. Then when a contraction hits, imagine that basketball getting over-inflated and being over-inflated for about 1 minute to 1.5 minute, then going back to regular size. It usually hurts REALLY REALLY bad. Anyway, usually they can be felt all around your stomach and not just on one side. Good luck to you and I hope you have a fast and easy labor.


sara b - April 21

Hey use this guide my ob told me. When your stomach feels like the tip of your chin does you're not having a contraction. When it feels like the tip of your nose then its probably braxton hicks. When it feels like your forehead its a contraction!!! Of course I never felt a contraction in my life so I couldn't tell ya but I think you'll know! Best wishes.


kelley32 - April 23

Trust me, you'll know ... and when you're not smiling anymore, it's time to go to the hospital.


Heather L - April 25

Sara B is totally right. That is what I was told. I've been having contractions the last month (I am already 3cm dialated) and I am 39wks as of tommorrow. It gets so hard it feels like your forehead!! And usually is very uncomfortable....BH don't usually hurt...but they can! All women are different! Just the same, so called "REAL" contractions don't always hurt either. My mom didn't have any pain, but her water broke so she went to get checked out, and she was already 6cm dialated and they made her stay in the hospital and had me mere hours later!



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