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Tanaja - May 31

How long REALLY, can you go overdue? 2 weeks? More? I know that I'm only 3 days overdue but I am so frustrated and miserable that I'm just freakin' out that my doctor won't induce me and I'll be pregnant FOREVER!!!!! I know I'm just being irrational but C'MON already! What's the longest anyone has gone overdue??


krista-lee - May 31

im now 5 days overdue : [. doctors usually will induce you 10-12 days overdue, because the baby gains a few ounces everyday making a bigger risk for a section. good luck!


Tanaja - May 31

I'm just not wanting her to come on 6/6/06 or on my birthday 6/12/06. I am seriously losing my mind obviously, if I'm selecting dates she can't come......like I have any say=)


Been There - May 31

LOL! I completely understand that train of thought. My second child was overdue and you do start to feel like it will never end. You also feel like you're losing your mind because you wake up everyday wondering if today will be the day and when will it be over. That's pretty much eating up your time, I'm sure. Don't worry about the 6/6/06. That's just something people like to jump on. Anything they can relate to being "scary" or unusual. Any day your child is born will be a wonderful day for you, so it won't matter in the end. You'll just be so glad he/she is here. I wish I could give you some advice or words to get you through this, but I don't know anything that will keep you from being so focused on delivering. Just try to remain calm and let the doctor know that you need to know how long he will let this go on. At the very least, getting that date will make you feel you have a set date and goal to reach. You'll know you won't have to go beyond that date and you'll feel just a little better because you'll see the light. Then, if you deliver sooner, it's all the better. Good luck and hang in there!


sara b - May 31

I went 4 days overdue. I was due March 10th, 2005. I went in to be induced March 14th. I got there for my non-stress test and it showed contractions. The nurse checked me and I was 5 cm. and 100% effaced!!!! Just because you don't feel anything doesn't mean nothing is happening. Hang in there. Pretty soon you'll be missing this!!!! Best wishes.


mejjohnson - June 1

My doctor won't let his patients go past the 42 week mark....I am 42 weeks tomorrow so I know how you feel, try to hang in there Tanaja!!! :) I know it totally sux to wait when you are overdue!


Tanaja - June 2

Well I went in yesterday and nothing had changed no dialation or effacement. I went in today to have my membranes sweeped again and my cervix had FINALLY opened up a little bit and it had started to soften *whew*. So I am not getting my hopes up but at least I know that I can't go past the 12th. He said he wouldn't induce me until I am a week and a half overdue, right now I am only 4 days so I just have to give it time. I'm starting to deal with it and enjoying my time to myself and my time with my husband.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 2

my husbands cousin is 45 weeks pregnant now. They said they wont induce till 47 weeks. It depends on ur doctor


Tanaja - June 2

Good God, 47 weeks? I thought there can be complications if you go too long overdue? Maybe they had the due date wrong, it happens sometimes if you're not sure when conception was.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 2

thats what i thought to. I thoguht it was dangerous to go two weeks over due. but the doctors a firm beleiver that the baby will come when its ready. They do, do ultrasounds every other day to make sure everythinngs still okay tho


starr - June 3

45 wks? I was 42 wks with my first son before he decided to come, i was not induced but they had to break my water and he was 10 lbs.My new dr says she will not let me go to 42 wks.They wanted to induce me on my due date(which is their office policy) and are concerned with me going over b/c i have big babies 10lb, 8lbs 2oz and this baby may be around 8-8.5.I would think if both mom and baby are healthy then 2 wks probably should be the max, b/c fluid and everything starts to decrease after 40 wks, at least that's what my dr told me.Good luck to all.


soontobe6 - June 3

i got induced after 1 wk over due.i ask for it.the placenta starts to fail after 41 wks


numba1cutie6t9 - June 3

the placenta doesnt ALWAYS start to fail. Thats why they do ultrasounds VERYY Often to make sure everythigns okay


Been There - June 3

numba1cutie6t9, are you sure about those weeks? If the baby gains weight at a rate of 1/2 pound per week, and they let someone go almost 2 months, that could be a ridiculously huge baby with complications. That just doesn't seem to make sense.


numba1cutie6t9 - June 3

yea i didnt think it seemed right at all either. WIth her daughter she went to 44 weeks I guess. She was due at the end of April this time..and here it is june..


Atarahsmommy - June 5

My mom, went to 44 weeks with my brother, the doctor didn't want to induce because it increases your chances of having to have a c-section, If I go over due, which I hope I don't I will not let them induce me unless there is a medical reason, they do tests everyday to make sure that everything is ok after 40 weeks, but I feel that the baby will come when the baby is ready, of course there can be complications, and if that were the case then being induced would be the better option otherwise I do not want to be induced, no matter how "big" the baby is, also the last month the growth slows down, the baby only gains about a lbs and a half in the last month, and after you go over due, the babys grwoth slows down even more


Atarahsmommy - June 5

But I might start to rethink that idea if I was 45-57 weeks along, ugh, that does not sound like fun



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