Owens Birth Story

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AmyJenell - January 15

Hi Ladies! Hope that everyone is doing well! Well I am so happy that I finally get to share my birth story with all of you. Last monday, Jan.8th, I was scheduled for an induction. So we arrived at the hospital at 7:30am. We checked in to the hospital and I was sent to L&D. We got into our room, I changed and answered all the fun little questions they had for me. I was hooked up to all the monitors and started on pitocin. We waited for my doctor. She finally arrived around 9:30 am. She came in and broke my water. As soon as she did that I was 5cm dilated. The contractions were becoming really painful, so I begged for an epidural. I finally got my epidural at around 10:15am. All the nurses told me that the epidural would slow my labor down so much that I could be there in labor all day. I knew that wasn't going to happen, because with all of my other pregnancies, it relaxed me and actually sped things up. The nurse came in and checked me at 11am and told me that I was at 8cm and we should expect the baby to come in probably 3 hours. I also knew that it wouldn't take that long....guess you just know after having 2 babies. I was starting to feel terrible pressure in my r___m and I knew that I needed to push. I kept telling her that the baby was coming and I needed to push. I am pretty sure that she didn't believe me. I made her go get my doctor. When my doctor came in to see me, she could see the head.....I was thinking " I told you so", but at that point I just wanted to push. I was told to breathe through the pressure so that they could get everything set up. That is easier said than done. By the time that they had everything set up, I was ready to get it over with. I pushed for 3 minutes and my baby boy made his debut into the world. Owen Anthony was born at 11:54am on January 8th, 2007. He weighed 6lbs 3 1/4 oz. and was 18 3/4 inches long. He was the smallest of all of my children which was very surprising to me and my husband and the doctor, who was sure that he would be around 7 1/2 lbs. He is the most beautiful little guy. I had a tubal ligation the following day, which hurt like h__l. We went home on Wednesday the 10th. My recovery so far has been awesome. The only thing that hurts is my belly, from the tubal. My episiotomy site is a tad bit sore, but nothing compared to the tubal discomfort. I am so relieved to be done and have Owen home and healthy. Our family is finally complete. My other 2 girls who are 4 and 15 months have been wonderful. My 4 year old is the best helper I could have ever wanted. I am really thankful to God that he has blessed us so much. I have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful kids....who could ask for anything more! I hope all of you have as wonderful of an experience as I did. I wish you all the best, and hope that all of your babies are healthy. Thank you all for everything. Good luck! ?


djh - January 15

Congrats, and what a great name. I love Owen. By the way, I learn from each of you ladies' birth stories as I plan to go into Labor and Delivery when I graduate nursing in a few LONGGGGG months!!!


lenae - January 15

Congrats on the lo and a good delivery. I hope mine goes as well soon. I am also getting my tubes tied, glad to know it hurts a bit I guess since I didn't know what to expect exactly. I have a 5 year old and my second is 1 year old today, so he and this next lo are very close in age. Congrats again and glad to hear everyone is happy and doing well.



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