Pain In The Pelvic Area

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DWilson924 - June 2

So I am hoping someone can help me. I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first child and have been esperiencing the worst pain in my pelvic region. The best way I can describe it is it feels like I just rode a horse, down the bumpiest trail known to man kind, for 3 days straight without a break. Basically everything "down there" hurts, especially when I walk. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so what is if from. According to what people are saying, I am carrying low (like my tummy sits right above my "hair line") so I wasn't sure if this feeling I have is the baby dropping. Please any advice would be great.


Athom - June 2

I have had the same thing... it comes and goes... I'm not sure what it is. So I dont have advice, I just wanted to let you know your not alone.


Been There - June 2

It's the baby. Probably resting right where it hurts. I only get poked down there sometimes and it hurts. The baby doesn't have to drop to have settled right in an inconvenient place. I wish I had a word of advice on how to convince him/her to move. Once they are comfortable, they don't care to oblige you and they can be very stubborn.


jenpreg39 - June 2

i had the same thing, it was hard to walk and especially turn around at night in bed.My doctor said it was my pelvic bone that almost "seperates". Sometimes it actually does seperate,and it heals after birth. Your doctor can check,and feel your pelvic bone,and if he/she feels that your bone is seperating,she will tell you to keep off your feet. I hope this helps you. My pain started at around 25 weeks,and stopped at around 34 weeks. Just listen to your body,when you know its gonna hurt,like when you get up,or turn around, take it easy. My doc also said i could take tylenol,if the pain was just to hard to not a doctor....just pa__sing along what my doc said...i hope your pain goes away soon! Im 39 weeks now,and it hardly hurts good luck.


soontobe6 - June 3

that is caused by the postion of must be head down all ready


DWilson924 - June 5

Yeah he is head down already (Has been according to my doctor since around 20 weeks or so). So I was thinking that maybe it was him dropping, or the position of his head because I am carrying low according to what everyone was saying. Thanks for the advice. I have an appt tonight so I am going to have my doctor check to see what is going on.


GraphxGirl - June 5

At this point in pregnancy there is alot of pressure down there and if the baby pokes you in the cervix... it is gonna hurt. Just one of those things that happen in the later weeks of pregnancy... I get jabs of pain down there everyday ( I'm 34 weeks now )


DWilson924 - June 5

The only thing is this seems to be a constant pain/discomfort. I notice it the most when I walk, if if I have to move to reposition myself in my chair or bed, I notice it. As long as I sit perfectly still I won't notice it.


JessDT - June 5

hi DWilson924. i am having the same problem. i'm now 37 weeks pregnant and have been feeling it for the last 3 or4 days. and like you said, it's ALL THE TIME!!!! if i'm sitting, sleeping, forget trying to get up and walk somewhere. i can't see myself having to put up with this for 3 more weeks! it's immobilizes you! i have a drs apt on thursday, and i won't forget to make a point to b___h about it!! can you tell i'm getting a little cranky? i'll keep you updated after i go


DWilson924 - June 6

So the word from my doctor is that it is probably my hips softening and that it is normal and will not go away until after the baby is born. Which for me seems like forever (I will be 33 weeks this Thursday). So I just thought I'd share the new with everyone, especailly those that are experiencing the same thing.


DueTodayMum - June 10

I have had a pain in the centre of my pelvis at the front, the symphisis pubis, they call it. Anyway, mine's okay when seated, but try and get up and PAIN!! I mentioned it to my midwife and she said she'd let me try a pregnancy belt (or something) which takes the pressure off the pelvis. Ask your doctor or midwife about it, if they have them in New Zealand, they must have them where ever you are. Sometimes a hot bath will make baby rise out for a bit. That's all I can suggest.


babysoon - June 14

I just started having pelvic pain lately. I am 37 weeks today. It's so bad I can barely walk at times, it's hard getting in out of bed/car/etc, and I can barely lightly kick something out of the way without a lot of pain. My nurse said it's normal, his positioning, take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 hrs. But it worries me. I don't like hiding all this pain with tylenol if something's wrong. I am positive (almost) for you that it is the baby's position. I don't know if at 32 weeks the baby would drop yet, that seems a little early. I'd just say it's the way you're carrying. good luck!


nanny - June 14

hi all, I had my 1st baby 5 weeks ago and for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy i suffered with the same thing. My midwife said it was symphisis pubis, which is the ligaments which hold the 3 peices of pelvis together get all soft and it causes pain. It will go almost straight after birth and they should give you some exercises to do after to help it. You can help the problem by sitting with legs together, be careful getting in and out of a car ( get in and out like a lady with your knees together), and when you walk take small steps. Hope this helps and dont worry it gets better very quickly. Hope this helps


DWilson924 - June 15

Nanny - Did it alternate from the pubic area, to your hip joints? I'm asking because since my first post it was all in the pubic area. But the past couple of days, it has changed to being mainly in just my hips. But I do notice by the end of the day, more times then not, it is back in my entire lower region (hips, and groin area) and hurts like hell when I move in any direction, or when I walk ( no matter if I baby step or not). I am 34 weeks today so I am keeping my fingers crossed that that is what it is and that I only have a few weeks left of it because it is making life very difficult.


nanny - June 16

The pain really did end up feeling like i couldnt lift my legs even one at a time, also when i turned from one side to the other in bed it all really hurt, hips and all. Dont worry it goes as soon as you have had the baby...It isnt very nice and i did get quite low through those last few weeks as i couldnt do anything but just rest up and enjoy the piece and quiet while it is there xxx good luck


DWilson924 - June 16

Yeah that sounds like how I feel. Moving, lifting a leg, anything is a challenge lately. The sad part is I just hit 34 weeks yesterday so I have 6 weeks left if full term, 8 weeks if I go over. I don't think I can tolerate this feeling for another 6 - 8 weeks when I have already been experiencing it for 2 weeks. Not to mention that now today I am having bad stomach pains. Based off of how my Braxton Hicks have felt I can say that these pain don't feel like contractions or anything just a pain that is around my belly b___ton area that comes and goes as it wishes. Wish me luck that this baby comes soon because I am so getting sick of these aches and pains and just want to see my little bundle of joy!


nanny - June 18

Hi DWilson924, well all i can really say is i can totally understand how you are feeling and it is horrid, the week that my baby was due i had been having bad back cramps every 10 mins (as he was back to back) and went to midwife appt and just cried at her as i was so fed up, she took pity on me and did a streatch and sweep (they should really wait until you are overdue) well it worked as i had a show 4 hours later and my waters broke that night, baby was born the folowing day. There is light at the end of the tunnel i promise. By the way which country are you in, it is all so different country to country. Good luck x



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