Pain On One Side Of Uterus And In Back Is It Labor

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Andrea - October 12

I am 9 days away from my due date. For the last hour I have been having intense braxton hicks along with a severe pain on one side of my uterus and in my back. I know if they are contractions then I should start timing them but there really is no beggining or is all constant. So I guess my question is.....can you have contractions or labor pains on one side when you begin to go into labor? Anyone had this happen before?


sian - October 12

iam also 9 days away from due date and have been getting what sound like the same pains all it more of a constant ache?


Andrea - October 13

Yes it is more constant. The weird thing is I only get them on one side. This baby will be my third. I was induced with both of my daughters so I have no idea what going into labor actually feels like. I wish there was some way to know for can all be so confusing!!!!


Bonnie - October 13

Well, I read that contractions can feel very different and that it is mroe common to actually feel them in the back and the side. But I;ve never read anything about them being constant. all the doc and let us know what they say, you have me curious as I too am wondering what it will be like. Good luck ladies!


Andrea - October 17

Well I can say what I was feeling was not labor. I am still here and very pregnant. My due date is in 4 days. I feel like I am never going to have this baby!! I have not had anymore pain or contractions since that last strange episode. I go to the doc on Wednesday. I bet if nothing is happening then he induces me on Friday....which is my due date. How are you guys doing?


sian - October 18

im still waiting too!although the pressure down below is getting real bad and i still have the constant ache-everywhere!iam due 22nd so hopefully something happens soon!goodluck to you!


sian - October 18

oh yeah,by the way- do any of you know anything about waters leaking?its just that today about three times in one hour i felt a small trickle and my underwear was happened about 3 times but not since.i definetely didnt need to go to the toilet.can your waters leak then stop or would it have to keep happening all day?


Andrea - October 18

Yeah it can trickle like that. I have heard that if the baby's head is low it can work like a plug and stop the amniotic fluid from coming out. I think youshould call your doc and let him know whats going on.....they may want to see you. If your water has broken then you should deliver soon. Infection could become an issue so I would want to know what is going on. Good luck and keep me posted :o)


Lacey - October 19

Ive been experiencing the same thing on and off for a few weeks... Its driving me insane!



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