Painful Pubic Bone

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Donna - November 10

I was due 2 days ago and for the past week have had a stabbing pain in my pubic bone. The OB says it's pressure from the baby's head, then tells me baby has not 'dropped' yet. Was just interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this. It's VERY painful and constant when I am moving around.


cj - November 13

I'm having these pains in my whole lower region there, but I'm only 34 wks. It's when I stand up and walk around, it stings. Hope you have your baby soon! What # is it for you?


Donna - November 13

Hi cj. Baby number one - and still not here! Hope the pain goes, although I am starting to realise that if it does, it will probably be replaced by something else!!!!! Good luck.


Crystal - November 16

Hi girls, I have had pubic bone pain since about 4 months. I am now at 37 weeks. This is my third child and it's no picnic!!! The pain is caused from hormones that relax your bones and let them seperate a bit more than usual to make room for baby. Some women get it much worse than others. For me, at 4 months it sometimes took me 15 minutes to get to the bathroom because it hurt so bad. I looked up on the internet and found something called DSP or DPS one of the 2. Anyways type it in and read the symptoms if you want. The doctors do nothing about this kind of thing. There really isn't much they CAN do....I was gonna ask for crutches but I just thought I would grin and bear it. Here's how I coped or shall I say still coping.... 1) Sleep on your side close to the edge of your bed. when you need to get up, keep your legs together so that your pubic bone doesn't have to move so much. Once in a sitting position, get up from there and take small steps. (like you can take big ones anyway) 2)When I bath, I can't lay down anymore because it hurts too much to get back up so I keep a big cup in the bath tub to wash my hair with. It helps a lot. 3) Don't lay too long on one side. I always wear sweat pants or shorts to bed because when I turn I grab the side of my bottoms near the pocket and pull to help me roll over. This is probably the best thing I have learned to cope with the pain. 4) Ask someone to help you. Once you are on your feet and have walked it out a little, it's not so bad as it started out. Let me know if this helps you... Good luck. Oh yeah and with my last one I had this pain as well ( just not as bad) and it went away almost right after birth so there is a thought to motivate you a little bit.


Brittany - November 16

I get these pains all the time...i thought it was just me! I'm only 31 weeks though and I've been having these pains for a few weeks now.


Donna - November 16

Thanks for the advice Crystal, especially the getting out of bed tip!


K - November 19

I am 39 weeks along and have been experiencing pelvic pain since week 37. It feels like a pinched nerve down there and sometimes hurt when I have to roll over and change sleeping position. My OB has told me its normal.


tas - November 30

I'm 32 weeks and this is my 2nd pregnancy - I have had pubic bone pain quite bad already for the last couple weeks. Today I almost couldn't bear it - and like everyone else the Dr. doesn't have much top offer other than to ice that area - FUN! Anyways . . . I read that a phsical therapist may help and will be talking to my Dr. about that next week.



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