Passing Plug Little By Little

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Rabbits07 - March 17

All...I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. From about 33 wks I was passing little amounts of mucous several times a day, plus having what I thought were BH cx. (they were sometimes really uncomfortable, but never regular). I went in for my 34 wk Checkup ( was actually 34 1/2 weeks) and dr. checked me and said I was dilated 2 cm and put me on bedrest. Since then I have only had a little bit of mucous charge every 3or 4 days (the BH cx have also decreased in frequency) I had figured I was passing my plug, but now it doesn't seem like it. Did it perhaps stop because I was on bedrest? I knew you could pass your plug a few weeks before labor actually started, so i wasn't worried about it...actually now i'm disappointed that it doesn't seem to be happening. Has anybody else passed some, then quit, then started passing it again? This is my #7, so I feel kind of goofy asking, but it seems with all of mine things have been so is just so hard to tell!


claire - March 17

i say yes, because i'm experiencing something close to that. regularly i have the mucous discharge, but then there were 2 days where I didn't really have any, then it started to pick back up again. my dr said that you don't have to actually lose a "cork/plug", that it can deteriorate over time, little by little. hope this helps


patricia - March 17

what did your doctor say to do then? watch for the bloody show? how are you supposed to know if you actually pa__sed the plug part?


claire - March 18

regardless you're going to pa__s your plug. whether it's 3 weeks or 1 hour prior to the onset of labor. the deterioration, and mucousy discharge is the plug, but i don't know how to tell you when it's fully out. the doctor told me to just wait until my a)my water breaks.. or b) wait until my contractions are ~5 min apart. (whichever comes first) and then call/ go into the hospital.


pregnant - March 25

i hope this helps but when i had my first child my little girl , i got up came downstairs , and i felt really funny i lost most of my plug in my knickers , and i knew i were starting just mild period pains and backache x gd luck all xx



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