Pelvic Discomfort

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melissab - February 3

i am 36 weeks and experiencing pelvic pressure and lower back pain, is this normal? also sometimes i leak just a little bit of fluid that is watery and looks like the color of milk. at times i get sharp pains in the pelvis that go right through me..are these signs that labor might start soon...thanks


Robin - February 3

I have been experiencing pelvic pressure for the last 2 weeks and I am only at 30wks now. I have also experienced the leakage like dicharge that is a milky color. So I hope it doesn't mean labor is coming, I am not ready! I should have about 10wks left!


M.A. - February 3

I'm 33 weeks, and have had this pelvic pressure, back pressure, and pain, leakage, and sharp pains so bad that I can't walk for at least a month now. My nurse told me that the pressure & pain is from the baby shifting and pushing. And also your pelvic area stretching in preparation for birth. Everything sounds totally normal to me.


Amy - February 7

I am about 29 weeks now and i seen my doc yesterday due to the same pains. I have a lil leaking but from what i noticed it is clear and no smell. but, my doc said that my baby was just head in my pelvic area and pushing causing the pain and that i have a bladder infection. I am still nervous that i will have my baby early. I may be crazy but i am trying to keep a close eye on things. If something worries me enough, i will see my doc again. I just like getting advice or others opinions. Good luck to all and take care.


shelly - February 8

I'm 40 weeks on sunday and I've had all of that for many weeks now and its normal. It dosen't mean labors coming because I've had all of them symptoms for a very long time.


k.k. - February 8

I'm 38 weeks and have had pelvic pressure and pain for about 7 weeks, doc says it is something called s.p.d. My hormones are in overdrive and the pelvis has begun to shift and seperate.



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