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Lucy - November 8

Im 36 weeks and have not yet had a pelvic exam. Im really uncomfortable with the idea of someone going down there...!! How do you ladies deal with it? and what was it like when your doc/midwife checked to see how dilated you were during labour? Does it hurt Did you get embarrassed? Im so nervous about it.


Min - November 8

In reality, what's the point of a pelvic exam anyway if pregnancy has progressed well, and there are no complications? No matter if you're 4cm dilated and 100% effaced, this is no indication of an imminent labor. Internals introduce bacterias which lead to infection. If you're uncomfortable about the procedure, tell your doc no. Unfortunately you can be dilated and effaced for weeks and weeks without labor starting. Moreso, these days carers minimise the amount of internals, even throughout labor due to the increased risk of introducing infections. Remember it's your body and you have the right to say No. The numbers system gives so much false hope to women in late pregnancy and there are no clear cut ways to predict when labor will start.


to lucy - November 11

its less obtrusive then an actual annual exam. My dr stands next to the bed and inserts his hand and his head isn't down there. I was pleasently surprised by the experience. Its quick and not painful, uncomfortable but it only lasts a few seconds. It really wasn't bad, don't worry. Birth will be more painful and there will be several heads hanging out watching the progress of your v____a.


Vans - November 18

Hi Lucy, Im also in my 36 weeks and had my pelvic exam I was told that internally there was enough room for the baby to move but when it comes to external part i.e the pelvic bone it is a bit narrow and in 38th week my gyn can a__sess on the weight of the baby and head size whether its gonna be a v____al birth or a c-sec what do u say is it something serious??? or people with narrow pelvic bone will face difficulty in birth?????


Rachel - November 22

I know exactly what you mean. I am only 6 weeks pregnant and an already worried about internal examination-I wouldnt even like my husband stuffing his fingers up there let alone a stranger. All we can comfort ourselves with is at least the end product is well worth the embara__sment. afterall these professionals do it all the time.


Bonnie - November 22

You haven't had one by 36 weeks yet?? I hate these exames as well, I get very embarra__sed, but I deal with it. The doctor is very understanding as well. Those exams ARE important. They test for several STDs and a few basic infections that you can have and not know it. Group B strep is a major one that can kill the baby and you may not even be aware you have it. Look at it this way, they are going to be down there when baby pops out anyway, think of it as training grounds. :) Better to be safe than take any risks.


M - November 22

to -Min, You should get a pelvic exam at 36 wks to see if the baby is breech and to see how your progressing.. It's for you own good I would not not get a pelvic exam due to the fact that you are a little shy, everyone is uncomfortable getting a pelvic exam. But it is not as bad as it sounds, you will get to see if you are dialated or if the baby is breech. Think positively..


Kristen - November 22

Like a few others had said it only last a few seconds and not that bad. i think the coolest part is knowing if you have dialated at all. that way you know if you are getting any where or not.


Selena - November 29

Ladies it honestly isn't that bad. To me it was alot more comfortable than a yearly exam where they use the speculum. I have had 2 now because I am in experiencing preterm labour and they only last about 10 seconds. The average womans v____a is only 6 inche slong so its not like they have their whole arm up there, just two fingers.


Michelle - November 29

I'm in France, and over here they do it every month when you are pregnant, it is normal practice. It's not nice, but like Bonnie said, some infections you would not know about until you have been checked and tested . . . like Group B Strep. I found out I had it, but if I wasn't living in France, I would not have known so soon, as I think back in the UK they don't examine as often as over here. . . .


Ugh... - November 29

There is nothing I hate more than having to pay someone to 'violate' me!! ;) No...the pelvic's are waaaayyyy better than a stinkin' Pap. I have a pap scheduled for Thursday and I am certainly dreading it. I realize that it will be very beneficial in detecting any infections so as not to put the baby at risk. That's my att_tude going in. However, If results came back with Cervical Cell issues (i.e. pre-cancerous cells) I will tell them that it will just have to wait for treatment until this baby is born. I'm also not real crazy about the fact that they are sc___ping on (and in my opinion compromising the integrity of) one of the few things that is keeping that little one in there until delivery!


Joanna - November 29

I understand why you might be uncomfortable with the idea, but giving birth is going to be much more invasive! It's really not that bad. Actually, more goes on during a pap smear. It can be uncomfortable, but it gives you and your doctor a better understanding of what's going on with your cervix. That info can help determine a lot of things-such as baby position in your pelvis, dilation, and effacement. I found that knowing all that stuff far outweighed any embarra__sment I would feel. When you're in labor they will be checking you every hour-so we all should get used to it! :) Hang in there!


Ashley - December 12

im only 36 weeks and ive had PLENTY of exams cause i dialated to a 3 at 34 weeks and i keep having labor pains. but its not as bad as you think im very shy and hate that kind of stuff and i kinda got used to it. but like everyone else said when you have the baby everyone will be down there


Sinead - December 27

Lucy, I feel for you. Im 37 and am 13 weeks pregnant on my second child. I am a survivor of s_xual abuse and every time someone even mentions an internal exam I have a panic attack. I just came from a new doctor tonight and she tried to to a pelvic and I was hysterical. It was so bad she had to stop for my sake and the baby. I would love to like other women and say its no big deal, so its a little uncomfortable but for some it IS a big deal and is a truma and people including doctors need to be educated on how to work with women who have genuine fear. Embarra__sment is not an issue for me - its a complete violation issue. As for internal exams vs labor. The labor for me is much easier (if you had to compare) my OBGYN once said it easier to have something come out of you that something go in - and that is exactly how I feel. The only thing that has gotten me through these exams is to bring a walkman with some good fast music and plug it loud to my ears and focus on the words. It helps me to go to a different place. You are not alone...focus on trying to find something that can help you to dis-engage yourself from what is going on. Hope this helps.


aragorn.lucky - July 11

Sinead, I totally agree with you. I too was abused physically as a kid and even if I have overcome the things when it comes to someone inserting something in the v____a it gives me the creeps. When I had my first pap test I almost fainted and the doctor was patient but I would not say kind enough as they don't understand the hysteria we going through. I would agree with you and try some tricks that can help me soothe the nerves but at the same time agree that pelvic examination is definitely helpful.



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