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elijahsmom - March 30

well i havent heard of the pencil test just the one with your rings..and if the ring thing is right then...i am having a boy again!


Karen S - March 30

To do the ring test take a piece of string, dental floss, hair any of those will work. Then take a ring and put the string or whatever you have through it. Then put it over your rist I believe and if it moves head to toe that means your having a boy and side to side (Horizontal) it's a girl. I did it to myself and it was correct and also my whole family and it was right. I did it to my aunt and it did the sign of twins which is true. I defenitly believe in it:)


sugarbaby18 - March 30

it worked for my mum she did it years ago and it said she would have one girl and 3 boys my 3rd brother was born in january and im the only girl


Pebbles - March 30

This stuff really works IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. If pregnant, hang pendulum or ring over belly. Head to toe is boy, side to side is girl. If you do over the wrist, it will tell you all the children in sequence.


kat - March 30

Hey i did the ring test and my US said it was a boy and the ring test said boy too im due in about 3 weeks so we will see pretty cool tho!


ha1225baby1 - April 4

I cant decide to belive the test or not. we do it at work and it has been completely accurate on everyone, showing s_x, and pregancy history. Just as pure fun i have my friend do the test on me every week and it always spins then completely stops showing that i am not pregant. Today she did it on me and it showed boy? i got nervous and took a pregnancy test and it said negative? is the pencil test accurate in telling if you are pregnant?


meg77 - April 11

I did the ring over my belly at least 10 times, each time it went head to toe indicating a boy but today's ultrasound confirmed it's a girl for sure, the tech even zoomed in on the parts. So don't believe in this completely, treat it as fun :-)


Ashley19 - April 17

I've taken an ultrasound, but they were not able to determine what i was having because the legs were clothes. Im 27wks now and i've taken the pencil needle thread test and it showed i was having a boy. Hopefully i will be taken another ultrasound before this month is over , and i will let everyone know the results!!!!!!!!!


Inda - April 29

So I tried the pencil test last night and it said boy, girl, girl, boy. I have already had a boy so that part is correct. I am wondering though - does it tell you for pregnancies that did not carry to term . I hate to be brash but I don't mean miscarriages,please don't judge, I am just trying to find an answer!


Churkie - April 29

Hello Inda! I did this test on my cousin but before we went ahead with it she worked out that she had been pregnant nine times! She has had four children, one miscarriage and four abortions - two a__sisted by the doctor as she has a heart condition which was discovered when she was pregnant with the third. So they thought it wasn't a good idea to continue with the pregnancies due to her health. When I did the test on her the pencil showed each pregnancy and the s_x of the babies. She said that it was right in the order of them and was curious to find out the s_x of the babies that she didn't have. Does that answer your question?


Inda - April 29

Thank you Churkie!


ajs gurl - May 12

I did the pencil test when i was 6 weeks pregnant and it said that i was having a girl. i had an ultrasound done and sure enough i am having a girl 37 weeks now good luck with everything.


tweety0917 - August 27

can anyone tell me what the pencil test reads for triplets? Also will it register your past pregnancies if you are still able to have children? or does it not show the past pregnancies until you can no longer have children?


fefer1 - August 29

never heard of a pencil test but the ring test said boy every single time - and I knew it was a girl -as ultrasounds confirmed. It's fun to play with but not a very accurate way to determine the s_x of your baby.


becky22 - September 5

i have been testing this since i was a teenager and we were told that when the pencil held by thread and needle in the eraser held above the wrist and that if the pencil makes a clockwise circle it was a boy and counter clockwise it was a girl. the pencl will quiver in between circles and some circles are bigger than others. this has worked on everyone i ever tried it on. what i am not sure about is whether or not you can tell if a miscarriage or multiple births can be a__sumed. when the test was preformed on me there were 12 circles before we got tired of holding the pencil. i have had seven pregancies and cannot attest to the s_x of the first four, but numbers 5,6, and 7 were correct. this does NOT work on MEN.


bekysu - September 7

Pencil test said I was to have two boys. My first child is a little girl, but this pregnancy it's a boy. So, I say it has a 50/50 ratio.



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