Pencil Test

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Tonya - January 23

Yes, it works. I have 2 children and it was accurate for what I had. It also worked on my family.


Nikki - January 23

I have done the pencil test to several of my friends and it was right on. When I was pregnant with my son the pencil went in a circle. All my friends who are having girls, it goes side to side. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and mine is going side to side, stops, goes in circles, stops, side to side, etc. SCARY. I am a twin and this is what my Mom's did too.


treesa - January 23

im not sure if im pregnant or not but it says "boy". whats that mean? i mean has anyone ever tested on someone not pregnant?


treesa - January 23

heh...i just did the pencil test over the computer test and it didnt move at all. i did it over my stomach and wrist and got the same "boy" result. creepy. but i like it


treesa - January 23

sorry to keep posting but...i just did the test to my dad and he would be haveing a girl.heh


Ry - January 25

I heard that when it goes in circles than its a girl, if its in a line going back and forth its a boy....but then i heard that circlular means in the middle of the kids you a having ....and the line going up and down is boy and the line side to side it girl...i think!


Anne - January 25

I did it with a needle, a pencil, and thread---it was right!


Melissa - February 1

I do not believe in crazy things, but THIS WORKS!! I used a pencil with friends, family and co-workers and it is been right everytime. I have used it on older women and I can tell them the s_x of the children they have. IT does work!!!


momtobe - February 2

I don't believe that it works on girls before puberty (mine changed post puberty). My mother and I have done the test on dozens of people including my husband. Both his and mine come up with the exact same answers, and every single test has been 100% accurate. While, I'm not counting on it, I'm betting I'll end up with 2 boys.


Ashley - February 7

Yes, this works. I have done it on over 100 people and still have not been wrong. I have done it on me for about 1 year and it always says the same thing, boy-girl-boy. I became pregnant 8 weeks ago and it would only do the boy. From my times i have done it on people when they are pregnant it only counts that one baby, unless there are twins. I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and performed the test again 2 days ago. It now goes back to what it has always said, boy-girl-boy. So, I a__sume my boy was my miscarriage. It is up/down- boy and side-side- girl. circles in between babies. and comes to a complete stop when done. i do it with a threaded needle and pencil over the wrist. Done it on guys and it won't move. I totally believe in this!! haven't been wrong yet! :)


Alyssa - February 8

The test does work. I was a skeptic until I did it to my best friend. She was not pregnant at the time and was not married. The test spun in a circle, then went to a boy and straight to a girl without circling again, then it circled and went to a boy. She got married since then and became pregnant in July. We joked that it would be funny if she were pregnant, not even thinking about the pencil test. She went for an ultrasound after we discussed twins and, wouldn't you know, she is pregnant with twins -- no fertility drugs. The pencil test showed she would have two kids at one time. Amazing. She is not going to find out the s_x of the children. My money is on a boy and a girl!


jessica - February 8

what does the name cathy mean?


beverley - February 8

ok i just did the test with a ring, it show my son i already have which was with the wrist, then it went across the wrist=girl, with a circle inbetween, now my question is it did the same thing again except with no circle, as fun this is i know but wondering, does that mean ill have boy, girl, then twins, boy and a girl?


Jp - February 11

Well, its not scientific and its in my case its wrong. I can see why it could be does have a 50/50 chance. I wouldn't decorate a nursery based on it though!


PP - February 15

I made my mom who had 3 children and 1 miscarriage do the test. Gosh my mom... The first time the pencil did nothing so like any good sewer and needlework artist my mother a__sumed that she needed to use silk thread and a gold needle- NOTHING. $ needles and 5 kinds of thread ribbon and floss later the pencil just hung there perfectly still. On me however it showed girl and then boy. I have had a prior miscarriage so this would put this as a boy. We will see.


Amanda - February 18

I am a labor and delivery nurse and I firmly in the pencil test. I know it sounds rediculous, but it has worked for all my friends and co-workers. The test predicted I would have a boy and it was right. I have an older co-worker who has never had children and has went through menopause and the pencil stays completely still above her wrist. That's when I became a believer. We always use a needle with string attached, sometimes even a suture needle with the needle stuck into the eraser head of the pencil.



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