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bekysu - September 7

Pencil test said I was to have two boys. My first child is a little girl, but this pregnancy it's a boy. So, I say it has a 50/50 ratio.


Churkie - September 10

Hello! Well I have 4 weeks to go until I have my baby and I have done this test again. It has successfully showed the s_x of my fierst 6 children in order (BGBBBB), and is now saying a girl for this one. (And thankfully no more after that!!!) When I first did this test it showed what I thought were twins but now only just the 1 baby - Thank God!!! I have had 3 ultrasounds this pregnancy and the first at 16 weeks (which I thought was a bit early considering the equipment they used-no 3D images out here), she said it looks like a boy. Then another at 18 weeks and that machine was on its way out and is no longer used by the hospital because it cannot pick up images properly-he said he thinks that it is a boy but wasn't sure. And the final scan was done at 30 weeks and the lady said she couldn't see a p___s and if she had to guess she would say that it's a boy, but not to take her on that result. So I have 4 weeks left and I will let everyone know what the s_x of this one is - if the pencil has predicted it right. HOPEFULLY IT HAS BECAUSE AS YOU CAN SEE WE REALLY NEED A GIRL !!!!


shygirly - December 20

So how exactly do you perfor, the penicl test? I tried looking it up but could find any directions or anything? Anybody know?


shygirly - December 20

So how exactly do you perform, the penicl test? I tried looking it up but could find any directions or anything? Anybody know?


mommytobee - December 20

ok first of all, the test has a 50/50 chance of being right. It told me I was having a girl but I'm having a boy. I mean sometimes a guess is right, so it might be for you, but not because it can really prdict it, only b/c it is a guess and there are good chances.


mommytobee - December 20

you take a pencil with an eraser, thread a needle and the stab the needle into the eraser. hold it over your wrist. if it starts to circle then it is a girl, if it only goes back and forth its means boy. Good luck


byansmommy - December 20

well i did the needle test and it said that i was going to have a girl and then a boy and i had a girl and now im pregnant with a boy and my mom did it too and it said that she was going to have a girl and then a boy and she did but it said that she was going to have another girl but she had gotten her tubs burnt so she can't have anymore kids


gypsyqueen - December 20

Can you beleive this thread started over 2 years ago?????


byansmommy - December 21

wow i didnt even realize that until now i didnt know how popular this was cause when i talk to people about it they have no idea what im talking about


pegalyn - February 2

I have done the pencil test on myself and can say that it actually works!! It does work on my husband and brother and others men. I have 3 children and they were right. Now I have a pencil swinging on the diagonal. I have always thought it meant I would have twins. Maybe different types of twins swing in a different way? Any thougths?


moescrilla - February 2

my mom did it when I was pregnant with my first, it said boy. I thought I was having a girl (although didnt care what I was having) I had a boy. It tells me "boy, girl" I did it on my sis-in law who has four kids, it read every single kid in order that she had. So, its really not 50/50 like people are trying to say. Who knows? All I know that is to everyone I did it to, (over 5 different people with about 14 children to read in total) all were right except for one. Thats what, 92% accurate? lol.. I know theres no magic to it, but its just kind of weird how accurate it was for me. I'm sure theres a bunch of people that it didnt work for.


mamaof3 - February 4

I want to try this test but I'm a little confused. I am now pregnant for the 6th time, however I only have 3 kids. The first two are with my first husband and my third is with my husband now. We are expecting another baby and I am about 5 weeks along. If I do the test is it going to read my kids I have now or just the one that I am currently pregnant with? Also should I do the test on myself or have my husband do it?


Churkie - February 4

mamaof3 - I submitted an entry on 29 April 2006 about my cousin who had been pregnant 9TIMES but only has 4 children. So yes the needle does show up any miscarriages and abortions etc.


mamaof3 - February 4

Churkie, so was the pencil test correct for your last baby? Was it a girl?


Churkie - February 4

Well mamaof3, I did the test again just before I had the baby and it said a BOY!! And yes I did indeed have ANOTHER boy! When he was about 2 mtohs old (he's 4 mths old now) I did the test again to see if that was it for me, but it says that there is one more the next time a GIRL?? I did this test on my partner when I was about half way through my last pregnancy and it said he was having 4 kids. Some people have said that it doesn't work on men but I think different. I'll do it again later on today and write back a response to you OK?! BYE


Mary-Ellen - February 4

I've just done this test on me and it says boy, circle then girl. I have a 4yr old boy and am now 13wks preg but i cannot find out what it is until it's born because they wont tell anyone where i live what it is when you have an ultrasound. It has run in my family that the order of born children is boy,girl,boy,girl. My mother had boy,girl,boy, then girl me, i was possibly a twin and she miscarried the other or she fell straight away with me, they didn't know for sure at the time, although i was born early. I am going to do the pencil test on her to see if it is right with them, if it is then i will totally be a believer and i might even find out if i was a twin or not, something my mum would like to know.



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