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Mary-Ellen - February 4

I've just done this test on me and it says boy, circle then girl. I have a 4yr old boy and am now 13wks preg but i cannot find out what it is until it's born because they wont tell anyone where i live what it is when you have an ultrasound. It has run in my family that the order of born children is boy,girl,boy,girl. My mother had boy,girl,boy, then girl me, i was possibly a twin and she miscarried the other or she fell straight away with me, they didn't know for sure at the time, although i was born early. I am going to do the pencil test on her to see if it is right with them, if it is then i will totally be a believer and i might even find out if i was a twin or not, something my mum would like to know.


Kells - February 20

If you're having same s_x twins why would the pencil swing horizontal then vertical before circling again? According to everyone here that would mean opposite s_x twins, which are rare so not everyone doing this test is having opposite s_x twins. That's the only part of this that I'm skeptical co-worker and I were doing the test tonight at work and it said I'll be having 2 kids, girl then boy, so we'll see. But could someone get back to me on the twin question?


proudmommy - February 21

if the pencil test shows m/c, which everyone says it does mine was WRONG. Mine said I would have 2 kids. A boy then a girl. I had a m/c then my ds now. So according to the test I should have a girl right now. I do think it's amazing how it will give u the same results but I don't find it to be a prediction.


proudmommy - February 21

ok, so when I did it before it was about 4 years ago. I just tried it again to see what it would say. First it said boy boy girl boy. Then I did it again and it said boy boy girl boy girl boy. Just watch the pencil it's being guided by the thread and how you are holding it.


Churkie - February 23

mamaof3, SORRY I have taken sooo long to get back to you!! I have did the test again and it does indeed say that I will have another child - a girl!!?? Maybe so hey? Well the needle doesn't move again after it says the girl so we'll just have to wait and see won't we? I post another reply if anything happens! BYE


filly06 - February 23

According to every test I ever tried...pencil, ring, conception calender...ect, I should be having a boy...but it's a girl! ;) But at least it is amusing when you are waiting for your ultrasound! :)


intrigued Texan - May 4

For the past 50 years, the women in my family have been fascinated by "The Pencil Test". What the pencil says for each woman has been ACCURATE EVERYTIME with the gender and birth order. However, I am writing this because the swing tells us that a side-to-side (across wrist) motion indicates a boy and up-and-down motion indicates a girl, with the circle motion representing time in between births. This test was first done on me last summer with the result of one boy...I laughed and joked that my pit bull "Tiger" was my only child, I'm 30 years old, single and was not sure if I would ever have kids. Surprise, in January I found out I'm expecting with my first child, we believe it is a boy. I'm 20 weeks and will have a sonogram next week...hopefully we won't have to exchange our baby boy clothes!


ckclwb - May 18

Ok. I see that there are different ways to read the string/pencil test. However, I swear it works the way I do it. I have tested this on as many people as possible and has been 100 everytime. .. before and after kids are born (when done over wrist) If you do this while will tell you the s_x of the baby. Well mine says: bgbrb I have had 3 so far. And we were not sure we would have anymore. Well we recently decided to have 1 or 2 more. MY question to anyone .... when you do this over you tummy and its says girl and boy....does that mean twins, or what? This is the way everyone in my family reads the test....Larger circle=Girl Line= Boy.....Little cirlces/vibrate of pencil = inbetween children. well mine dont stop very i cant tell if it goes directly form a girl to a boy on the last 2.... I know i may only be 2 weeks, but when i wasnt did not show anything. I will repost if I am preg and post if its one or more. (it could be wishfull thinking too) 2 more then done.


gurley13 - May 19

Haha!!! Everytime I read something about this pencil test I laugh histarically!!! I don't think that a pencil or hair or thread can tell you what the s_x of your baby is.. However you can tell by how you are carrying your child, if its straight forward chances are it's a boy if its all around chances are its a girl, ofcorse this varies if you are over weight, ect. My grandmother had 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls, and each time my grandpa told her what she was going to have (because back then they didnt have ultrasound). but if you really want to know what your having, unless you are doing this just for entertainment, you have a better chance of finding out what your having by ultrasound or how you are carrying your child.. and the chinese calender thing.. my friend did it for me on a couple different sights and they were all positive i was having a girl.. and my son clearly has a p___s, so dont rely on something as silly as this or that..


jm143 - May 30

has anyone tried the test on someone that dosen't know if they're pregnant, and or has missed there period?


jm143 - May 30

also, 4 of my co-workers have done both the pencil test and the ring test on me yesturday and it always said boy. i have no children, 1 miscarriage and 2 abortions. when they tried the test on themselves both the pencil and ring were still? so could i be pregnant and the preg tests are wrong? just curious


b_lawson - June 14

I have heard it was true. I have done it on one of my friends and it goes across, circle, up and down, circle, and then it goes diagnle, what does that mean? I know that circles are spaces, up and down are boys, and girls are across. But every time we do it, it goes diagnle, so I wanted to know what that meant?


npo1605 - July 4

Personally, I think that if you’ll believe this you’d believe anything, but hey—who am I to judge? Instead, put your mouth where the money is, folks: get in touch with the James Randi Educational Foundation—and win a million dollars! I quote: “At JREF, we offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event. The JREF does not involve itself in the testing procedure, other than helping to design the protocol and approving the conditions under which a test will take place. All tests are designed with the participation and approval of the applicant. In most cases, the applicant will be asked to perform a relatively simple preliminary test of the claim, which if successful, will be followed by the formal test. Preliminary tests are usually conducted by a__sociates of the JREF at the site where the applicant lives. Upon success in the preliminary testing process, the "applicant" becomes a "claimant." To date, no one has ever pa__sed the preliminary tests.”


3girlslater - July 5

My mother apparently believed in the needle thing. And was right with each pregnancy. And this was before ultrasounds. I had never done it before or really heard of it until this time around. I'm pregnant with number 3 and its another girl. My dad said we could have told you that before you had the ultrasound so then we all started this needle trick. We tied the thread to the needle and stuck the needle into the middle of the pencil making sure it was straight. We'd hold the pencil over the right arm, touching it first with the pencil, then lifting it up. Then the pencil would circle, then stop but we did it different than most posts. WE did up and down for girl and side to side for boy. So the pencil circled then did the girl sign, then stopped and circled again and did another girl and again for this pregnancy and then we let it go on to see what would happen next and it did circle, stop, then circled again and then did the sign for boy. So we figured that was twins. It was very entertaining. And a little creepy, b/c i then began to do it on all the women my mom and sister and it was correct for both of them. (we did it multiple time on each person and EVERYTIME same thing) I even then did it to my fiance and it did girl then twin boys like me (he's not the father of my first two). We continued to do it on me and same thing, Sometimes depending on who did was the one holding the string, it would do it quicker or slower. I even did it on my brother who has no kids and it took forever to start..he's in his 40's. Finally it did and did two boys. I did it on my dad and it did the correct order. My sister it wouldnt do anything after her 3rd b/c she had her tubes tied and then my mom had me 15 years later from my brother who was born just over 2 years from my sister. And it took awhile for it to go from my brother to me. It is very strange and its not a 50/50 chance thing, b/c everytime we've done it its correct on whoever i do it to. I'm not going to like bet my life on it or anything. But its quite interesting and if I come up pregnant with twin boys after this one...then well maybe there really is something to it. But that will take years to see b/c well i'm still pregnant and not about to plop one and and try to make twins. Ha Ha. HAVE FUN! And congrats to all the ladies having babies.


ashu - July 12

i am in 8th month, and had 2 ultrasounds. one said -90% boy, but other one said girl for sure. i am really confused....i did pencil test on myself it says boy everytime. i did like this- from finger to elbow-boy and side to side, across wrist girl. i have done that on my sister in law and my aunts too. it gives 100% accurate results. am i doing it right????? is there anybody who have experienced such situation like mine.....pls help!!!...i have 6 weeks to go will let u know if its boy or girl........


chicojenny - July 20

Could one swing mean twins? I dont have children yet and I am not pregnant but an Indian woman that sat next to me on a flight did the ring and hair pendulum on me and it said I was having one boy. Now, I just did the pencil test on myself, several times, and it said the exact same thing! I am kind of freaked because I am 34 and we aren't 100% sure we are going to have kids and if we do, I certainly want more than one. I am the oldest of 5 and don't want an only child. Any comments?



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