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cherise - March 23

what is this 'pencil test' i keep reading about? i want to do it, on myself and see what s_x my baby will be


Cyan - March 23

I have been using the pendulum test for years, and it strangely enough is very high on accuracy. I was a nay-sayer, but have been amazed. For those of you who don't know how it works, you simply make a pendulum, some sort of thin line with a slightly heavier weight at the bottom. Hair/Wedding ring, thread/large paperclip, small plumbers bob. For pregnant women, hold the pendulum over their belly while their in a comforable seated position. The pendulum will start to move, usually in circles. It will start to move in a straight line - either across the belly (girl) or up and down (head-to-toe direction - boy). Wait until the pendulum comes to a complete stop... never know, there might be more than one baby in there! Over the wrist usually works for the full pregnancy history. Please note this can be uncomfortable for folks who have had miscarriage, because they can show up...


dawn - March 24

my friend just had her baby yesterday. at her shower a few weeks ago we did the pencil test and it showed she ws having a girl. Guess what, she had a girl! :)


Act1nup - March 31

I have a friend who learned the pencil method from a farmer/bird breeder. He had to sell his birds in pairs (male and female); but because he could not see the s_x organs, he would have to perform the pencil test over the birds in order to pair the birds correctly. He never was wrong and neither has my friend. I don't think the scientific community should be so quick to turn away from this method. Something causes that pencil to swing back and forth or in a circle. He advised her that the woman should be at least three months pregnant for the test to work properly and that she should use a number two pencil, stick a needle and thread into the pencil's eraser and let it hang over the woman's womb while the woman is laying on her back. I think it works even if the woman is not laying on her back, but this is how my friend does it now. It was actually pretty amazing to watch as I never believed or would even consider trying the pencil test, but even if you don't believe it; it's still fun and causes no harm.


Suze - March 31

Can it predict for women who aren't pregnant yet? (i know this is just for fun)


Act1nup - March 31

Just spoke to my friend, and apparently, she was advised that five months and after is the best time to do the pencil test on a pregnant woman. At three or four months he says there could be inaccuracies.


Act1nup - March 31

Suze, I would tihnk that if you're not pregnant, there's no way to tell as you would have to have a living being inside of you, but these other comments I am reading makes me wonder, but I think my answer to you would be no --that you would have to be pregnant.


Eryn - April 7

i heard it is accurate


Jenn - April 8

The needle is true I think... I am pregnant with my 3rd child, and with my first two is showed a boy, (swinging back and forth) and with my daughter it went around in circles.... I think it's true.. Both my kids came out according to the needle test.....


Sam - April 11

Dear Skeptic This has nothing to do with voodoo or your religous prefrerences. It's a little fun,old wives tale. There is no harm in having a little fun during this exciting time. To you other ladies, I have seen this be acurate numerous times. Every time someone is pregnant in my office, or a friend, we do this test before they go for thier sonograms and it has been right. So continue having fun!


Angela - April 11

It has been accurate for me EVERY time. It may be pure coincedence, but still.. it is really cool!


Jill - April 11

I just tried the test I already know I'm having a boy, because of four ultrasounds but worked


Ida - April 13

Jenn:if you had circles the pencil is just getting ready to do the test. If the pencil swings accross the wrist left to right, it's a girl. If it swings from finger tips to wrist then it's a girl. I have been doing these test for 30 years and it's amazing how it works. I wish I knew what makes it work. Yes it works on single women not even married or pregnant. It will give you a lifetime of birth history, and is 99% right, if the circles and back-n-forth is calculated right. To some it is playing God, to be able to predict for someone's lifetime all the children they are going to have and the correct gender. True maybe, but I think this just means that God has already determined what your child will be and it's not really 50/50. Why the pencil knows years in advance, I wish I knew. Still looking for answers. It's fun and you can make money betting on the outcome with friends. And yes to one who asked, it does work on men. If you had one and it never moved, you could have had the pencil to high or chances are he will never father children. If you think is vodooo..then don't use it. I know of people that predicted three childred and all boys, and they did not want three boys, so they quit at two....Have fun..and look for the answer.


Ida - April 13

This really does work. I have been doing this for 30 years.


Ida - April 13

This really does work. I have been doing this for 30 years. You can make money predicting and your always right.


Ida - April 13

Sorry, I typed that wrong. I get so excited. Up and down from finger to wrist is boy. Left to right accross the wrist is girl. Circles inbetween babies. Up and down and accross with no circles mean twins.



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