Petite Girls Carrying Small Still Big Baby Tougher Labor

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alirenee86 - September 20

I'm 5.5' ft. tall, average height I guess, but with a pretty pet_te or small frame, very narrow hips and having a all/any weight I've gained has gone right to my belly. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and see other women with due dates close to mine and they're twice the size and all comment how small I am. I eat, and then some, and I'm healthy. Any pet_te women out there that can say their baby was average size or that labor doesn't hurt any more than women carrying larger? I'm nervous I may need a c-section if the baby can't fit through or if the baby is more in proportion to your size??


DanielleO - September 21

I am tiny as well. I'm 5'2. And all the weight I gained was right in my belly too. But my belly wasn't very big, and everyone commented on how small I was too. My baby weighted 6lbs 14ounces. So, small, but not too small. And labor didn't hurt much, well it did. But not anymore than I thought it was. (went through normal labor, no meds! Woohoo!) Anyways, goodluck with your labor. Hope all goes smoothly!


Tory1980 - September 22

I am 5'1 and have had three children. I barely showed with my first and delivered him at 34 weeks (after previous complications) - he was 5lb3oz. My second I was enormous(started showing practically from conception! LOL!) and he was 7lb8.5oz and my third was induced at 37 weeks due to cholestasis and weighed 7lb. am currently pregnant again and 24 weeks and there is no denying I am pregnant! Most Doctors will also go by the size of your feet as rough pelvis size - mine is a 4 (think that is equal to a 36 or 38 but don't quote me on it!). I have had no problems with any of them. I have also known women the same size as me have 9lb babies with no problems. A lot does depend on your position in labour etc as to how easy it is to push. If you are flat on your back it is the equivalent to pushing a car up a steep hill - practically impossible without help. Try and sit up as much as possible, squat, stand or get on all fours, or even kneel across the top of bed and let gravity do it's work. It should prove to be easier with less intervention that way. Of course it will depend if you have an epidural or not during labour but even then you can be proped up with no problems. My labours were painful but manageable and I used gas and air with my third baby - the other two were natural! The only cause for concern leading to c-section would be if the baby was measuring too big but you should have no problems delivering. Don't panic yet!


Allisonc79 - September 22

Your ob will tell you if your measuring too small. They check that at your first appt usually. If your were to small they would tell you. Itleast my OB did check my pelvis size. Ask your doctor abt it to be sure but I am pretty sure they all do it. Actually babies heads are too big for all pelvis's but they twist their head in a way where is barely fits through. Its also crazy how it permanently widens your hips. Your not going to feel the pelvic pain when he comes through your going to feel the contractions and burning down there. That is if your going without epid. If you plan on the epid, don't worry about it you'll sail through it.


DeeD - September 24

I am not necessarily "timy" but this is my seventh baby and people always comment on how "tiny" I am also. I can tell you from experience-it really all depends on so many factors...size of mom, wieght gain, position of placent and/or baby...just how you are carrying, how mauch or how little amniotic fuid there is....the list is endless. Just be glad they tell you that you are small and not tell you that you look tike a hippo. My friend got that all the time. Your baby will be fine...



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