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8pineapple4dinner - April 28

I see people listing pineapple as a labor starter. How and why is that supposed to work?


k - April 30

I am a__summing from the lack of answers here that no one has heard of it. Or someone just happened to eat it once before they started their labor. Just a coinsidence I guess.


Jessica - May 3

well I heard it to and am actually trying it now I don't know how it is supposed to help but will keep you posted.


kristina - May 4

I heard about it to. I love pineapple so I have no problem eating it and if it helps then great. Earlier in my pregnancy I wanted to know if my baby was kicking or my tummy was just upset and I was told to drink grape Fruit Juice to get him kicking. So maybe something in the acidy fruits that gets baby moving. (shrug)


Jill - May 4

I heard in early pregnancy if makes your uterus contract, so avoid it in early to avoid a miscarriage. I am 38 weeks and thought about drinking some pineapple juice to see if that would help my contractions start. Sorry that is all i know about it. Hope this helps.


Fabienne - May 4

What ??? I didn't know that! I'm 34 wks pregnant and i've had a huge bowl of pineaplle chunks and juice yesterday ! i don't want to get into labor ! lol Please, let me know if you find anything...


kristina - May 5

I just read that canned pineapple doesnt count. It has to be the fresh fruit. Apparently the canned fruit and juice is different.


curious - May 8

does anyone know of someone who has started their labor with pineapple. Sounds like a yummy way to get things going!


sharon - May 8

pineapple has bromelaine in it. that is the thing that is supposed to start labor. whether or not it does i have no idea. but i do know that i have had a lot of pineapple this pregnancy and i have already made much more progress (50% effaced and dilated 1 cm.) than my last 2 pregnancies. it also has to be fresh not canned. who knows for sure if it helps though. it can't hurt!


TeeTee - May 14

I tried frest pineapple the other day and it didn't do anything for me except keep me using the bathroom. I wish it would've worked. I still have half of the pineapple left and plan on trying it again. Good luck.


Jenn... - May 15

I ate a whole fresh pineapple on my own the other day. It was soooo tasty, but no labor here. Who knows though, maybe it helped preparation for labor!!?


Tasha - May 15

From what I have read, pinapple somehow has the same effect on the cervix as s____n. Something in it gets into your body and helps to soften the cervix and prepare one for childbirth but it does not actually jump start labor. I ate quite a bit of fresh pinapple yesterday and a few hours later, I found that I had begun to lose my mucous plug :-)


sharon - May 25

Hey - I'm at 38 1/2 weeks and had no idea about pineapple inducing labor. I had a huge bowl of fresh pineapple last night (just because I like it) and was up all night with strong contractions that were 10 minutes apart all night. I thought for sure I would end up having him today, but they seemed to stop by around noon. I may go eat more now......


JCT - February 27

I actually ate a whole pineapple on Nov 28th then felt crampy on Nov 29th & 30th and my water broke on the 1st!


^lucy^ - February 28

its popular where i live that pineapple helps to start labor,, it depends ofcourse but i have a relative who ate pineapple like crazy throughout her pregnancy and she delivered her baby at 7 months!!! she was crazy, she did this cz she wanted her baby early but im sure not that early cz he was born with lots and lots of complications and had to stay in the incubator for more than a month and a half with heart problems and stuff.. anyways i'll be taking fresh pineapple when im 38 weeks.. im still 28 weeks so that keeps me 10 weeks away :) i'll be ready by then and just start my maternity leave so if baby is ready, then she will come :) happy deliveries all :)


Hmm.. - February 28

Why does it have to be fresh pineapple?


mickey87 - February 28

well i guess ill have to go buy some pineapple due in 6 days and will try just about anything lol:P



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