Pineapple To Induce

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Angel - January 30

Has anyone ever tried eating a bunch of pineapple to try to bring on labor? Does it work- have you heard anything about which type to eat- fresh or canned?


Amy - January 30

I heard this too about fresh pineapple but I asked my doctor and she said it was false.


jg - January 30

I ate about 4 full pineapples in the two days leading up to going into labour. However I was 6 days overdue when I gave birth, had been walking flat out, drinking raspberry tea, and my husband was taking me off-road driving, so I am sorry, but I cannot say if the pineapple eating contributed to it. One thing it did do though was make me feel like I was helping the process along, and give my family hysterical laughter watching me wolf down chuncks of pineapple!


KrYstaL - January 30

i ate a whole pineapple on two seperate occasions and i don't think that it worked for me either. i was also using the raspberry tea and walking and having lots of s_x and still ended up being six days late.


Heather - January 31

Folk Medicine: Pineapple juice is taken as a diuretic and to expedite labor, also as a gargle in cases of sore throat and as an antidote for seasickness. The flesh of very young (toxic) fruits is deliberately ingested to achieve abortion (a little with honey on 3 successive mornings); also to expel intestinal worms; and as a drastic treatment for venereal diseases. In Africa the dried, powdered root is a remedy for edema. The crushed rind is applied on fractures and the rind decoction with rosemary is applied on hemorrhoids. Indians in Panama use the leaf juice as a purgative, emmenagogue and vermifuge.


steph - February 3

I tried this before i read up about it. There is a chemical that is in pineapple that is also in s____n which is thought to bring on labour. How ever the other chemical in sperm is the one needed and which is contained in the gel that is used when you are induced this is not present in pineapples.....i enjoyed itthough. I am 5 days over and am getting membrane sweep tomorrow so fingers crossed.unfortunatly all this tried and tested methods only work when baby decides!!! ; 0


Jessica NY - February 3

Nope, I've been going crazy with the pineapple thing (and raspberry tea, tried s_x a couple of times) but perhaps it's because I've been eating canned (unsweetened) pineapple rings??? I'm 40 weeks and still going...when will it end??? Hopefully will be induced tonight, doctors appointment later today, fingers crossed ladies.


cazza68 - July 18

you should only eat the fresh pineapple because it contain enzymes that induce labour but for it to work full you have to eat lots!! and only eat if you are near your due date.



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