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M - March 5

I am being induced tomorrow with Pitocin, I was wondering for those of you that have been through this procedure..is it true that the contractions are very strong, or do they start off soft then get stronger...how is this done? I keep getting different answers and on this forum maybe I can get a straight answer!!


pbj - March 5

I personally was not induced but my best friend has two children...one induced the other not. She did say that the contractions with pitocin were a bit stronger, she didn't say whether they started off soft or not. You're going to get different answers because these are mainly personal experiences, remember everyone's pregnancy is different. I had a horrible pregnancy and horrible contractions but no problem delivering...some women have great pregnancies, great labor...it's different for everyone. Good luck tomorrow.


JaMikal-Damien.piczo.com - March 5

I was induced with pitocin and for me the contractions started off soft than gradually got stronger. This was my first kid so I'm not sure what contractions would feel like if I wasn't induced, but let me tell you....They were very strong and uncomfortable and I'm glad that I got the epidural.


Erin1979 - March 6

I was already in labout when they gave me the pitocin, so I was having mild contractions already. Once they administered the pitocin, everything moved very quickly from mild to strong pain. About 2 hours after I was asking for the epidural. Everyone reacts a little bit differently though! Good Luck!


Selena - March 6

I was induced for hb at 38 wks. Prior to going in I was already dilated to 3ms but hadn't really felt any painful contractions. They gave me an IV and then started a pitocin drip and broke my water. This was my first child so I have no comparison but the contractions hit hard and very fast. the nurse told me that they would turn up the flow of the pitocin every half hourutil they had a good steady rythm of contractions. I labored for 3 hours without meds and the it was just much as the contractions were coming so fast and hard. I asked for the epidural and it was heaven! My baby girl was born after just 5.5 hours.



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