Pitocin After Birth

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lmk - September 25

Hi, My OB says that 99.9% women get pitocin IV after birth to help shrink the uterus, and reduce bleeding. Has anyone who's given birth recently had this? I'm wondering if it's just the area I live in or the practice I go to. I've asked other women who had babies a few years ago, and they told me they didn't have that done.


sarah21 - September 26

A lot of midwives use it to help stop the bleeding. It is not as common in hospitals, from what I've read. It's nothing to worry about though. It would probably help your uterus to get back into shape a lot quicker. Breastfeeding stimulates the same contractions, though.


tryin44 - September 26

I have all three of my kids in a hospital and I have had it with all of them. It is no big deal it just gives you contractions (not like labor) and helps with bleeding.


NewPage - September 26

I saw on my charts that I was supposed to get it after but it was never give, it said that it was for reducing bleeding.


Tory1980 - September 27

Ah, no never had it after any of my labours. I have had an injection in my thigh after all of them called syntrometrine as soon as baby was born to allow a quicker, easier (and with less problems) delivery of the placenta and also to allow for the uterus to contract quicker in the hopes of stopping excessive bleeding. It's a personal choice if you want to go down that route but if not you are within your rights to say no to the IV.


lmk - September 27

I've read that b___st feeding right away basically does the same thing...and I'm planning on doing that. Also, ma__saging the fundus... I was trying to get the info from the ACOG website on their recommendations, but apparently you have to be a member to read any of their articles.


sagekelli - September 27

i asked my doc to wait and see if i was hemmoraging or not delivering the placenta before he just gave me drugs. my doc missed my birth and a nurse gave it to me without my permission, i will never deliver in a hospital again, a simple mistake but it could have been something worse and not worth the risk. anyway it is pretty common but you are an individual and your birth is unique they should wait to see if you need it. if you do its perfectly ok but why take a drug unnesicarily?


lmk - September 27

sagekelli, i can't believe a nurse would even have the authority to do that...isn't an MD supposed to approve the medicine that goes into your body? I wonder if that was even legal! I completely agree with you...I'd rather take a wait and see approach, I hate being pressured into doing something prophylactically simply to save the OB time to actually monitor me! My OB was pretty upset when I told her I was thinking of declining. Honestly, I really regret not getting a midwife, but I'm learning so much at a late stage; there was so much to learn before simply about pregnancy in general, I didn't give the labor part much thought. Now I'm almost 37 weeks, and I don't feel like I should be switching without a really good reason. Next baby for sure, I'm getting a midwife unless I have medical complications in my pg.


Frances - October 1

My ds is 5 weeks old and I had both the pitocin drip and the shot after. They both help your uterus shrink and help contol bleeding. I didn't even notice the contractions and it really helped. The last thing I wanted was for the nurse to come in and push on my tummy - it hurt like hell! I thought it was much better to have the meds. They work great and you never even notice them in your system.



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