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gaby - November 9

is it common to poop while you are pushing??


Steph - November 9

Yep. I'd say 80% of women do. It seems embara__sing, but trust me, at the time you are giving you could really care less. It happens all the time, and most likely you won't even know unless someone, like the b/f or dh says something. The nurses and doctors don't.


gaby - November 9

but the doctors are cleaning it while its coming out right? what is an enema


My answer - November 9

When you are pushing, they will normally put some disposable absorbent pads under you. If you poop while you're pushing, they will simply wipe you off and remove the top pad and throw it away. This will all take only a couple seconds and you will probably not even realize it's happened. An enema is a small bullet shaped medication that is made of glycerine (usually). They used to insert them rectally (yep... into the place the poop comes from!) into woman that were in labor to cause them to poop before delivery. It's not necessary and I do not beleive hospitals even do this anymore.


Kricket - November 9

Actually the small bullet shaped glycerine medication that "my answer" referred to is called a suppository. This aids in softening the stool to help with having a bowel movement. An enema is a small bottle with an applicator (usually soap based) that is used before a procedure or surgery to clean the rectum out. They used to use these routinely before labour & delivery.


Ashlie - November 10

I didnt go at all with my first son but with my second I didnt have any drugs and I felt everything, and the urge to push is very overwhelming, and I knew I was gonna poo but the nurses kept saying "no your not no your not" and sure enough I did, it wasnt like a full b__wn bowel movement, it was just a tiny little bit, but it is nothing to be concerned with, they see it everyday (thats what they told me)



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