Pooping During Birth

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Gaby - May 15

Do some women really poop while giving birth????Is the doctor looking at you poop or do they the put something over your butthole to cover it????


Maddie - May 15

That's SO funny! I know of some women who have. I am HORRIFIED of it, so I'm requesting to have an enema to avoid that! I think if you haven't eaten much before going in...or if you've had a recent bowel movement...your chances of "unloading" are less.


To maddie - May 16

What's am enema??? And did the women tell you if the doctor was looking at them poop??


Anna - May 16

Poop is the least of your and the medical team's worries during labor.


Wanda - May 16

I pooped, both times. The first time, the nurse "helped" me get it out with her finger, because the baby couldn't come down. I was so embarra__sed, but she was very kind. I chased everyone out of the room except her. The second time, I was deep in the pushing stage, and everyone was around, I was embarra__sed, but the contractions hurt so much, I didn't care. Sure, that sounds gross, but it wouldn't be the first time it happens. This time, I am really going to try to prevent that.


Gaby To Wanda - May 16

They dont put anything over your b___thole to cover it??? What are you going to do to prevent it???


Wanda - May 16

No, they don't cover it, and everyone can see. The first time, it was just me and the nurse, the second time, it was a big show. I am going to ask for an enema, explain my concerns to my Dr and the LD staff, and at the very least, ask my family to leave the room. The staff at the hospital don't know me or care, so I don't care, but I wouldn't want to do that in front of BF, mom and friends.


Gaby To Wanda - May 16

Was your boyfriend there for your pregnancies when you pooped????


Gaby to wanda - May 16

I ment for your second pregnancy, was your mom and your bf there??


Wanda - May 16

The first time, I was 15, and dad wasn't around. The 2nd time, I was 19, different dad, also not around. This time, we have been together for a long time, I am 31, this is his first baby. My mom was with me both times, also my grandma the first, and a close female cousin the second. This time, it will be my mom and BF, and maybe I will let my dad in, if there is no chance of pooping.


NOPooP - May 16

I eat raisin bran in the morning so by time its bed time i have a BM so i know i wont have that problem when i go into labor. Every woman in my family has gone into labor between 9PM and 5AM so by time it comes around i will have already had my BM so i will be on an empty stomach :) that was my worst fear about labor (not the pushing a 7lb baby out a hole that hurts when the OBGYN puts her fingers in to check my cervix)


Kaz - May 16

At the antenatal cla__s we went to the Midwife said that it's normal and that they see it as a good indication that you're pushing properly.


a. - May 16

trust me, thats the least of your worries. I hd a c-section & when they pushed my stomach to get her out, the also pushed out poop. They wont say anything or do anything to make you feel embarra__se about it... its very common


sara - May 17

Gaby, I asked my doctor about this and he said it does happen but he's not concerned about that, he's concerned about delivering the baby and he also said if I was concerned about it, I could asked for an enema. And an enema is deposited in your rectum and should create a bowel movement within a few hours.


Stephanie - May 17

I remember in labor while pushing my doctor saying "bulge your bottom". Doing that, your probably gonna poop. But, it also ensures that you are pushing correctly. The nurse swept it away and I had no idea that I did in the first place. And trust me, I could have cared less. S*** happens!!!! :o)



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