Pooping While Pushing Hehehe

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Kira_lynn - June 29

No matter how many times i read about this happening i cant stop laughing. Im sure im gonna poop on the delivery table, and laugh hysterically! It wouldnt embarrass me that much, but really..how many ladies have had this happen?? Anyone?


krista-lee - June 29

i did i think lol. but believe me you wont be laughing. you dont have enough time to do anything except push and scream lol


lindsay - June 29

yeah... i totally pooped the whole time i pushed... my poor husband was reaally grossed out,lol! but i kept telling him i was going to do it because they (the H) had fed me 3 square meals the day before and i had not "evacuated" anything before labor...but krista-lee is right... you soooo don't care when you do!!!


sunshyne9 - June 29

hey there.. when I had my daughter I had an enema before anything really happened lol lol and I think it helped alot.. I mean I wnet into labour and had this awful need to go poo but I coudln't at all.. i was frustrated.. so the nurse asked me if i wanted an enema, I said sure.. and it wasn't that bad.. and well I pushed for 2 hours.. and never pooped once lol lol so maybe that's a thing to think about lol


haymay - June 29

I got sick the night before I went into labor, throwing up and diarea, the whole works, and couldn't eat anything the whole next day because I was in labor and didn't feel like eating, so buy the time I had my dd 2 days after I got sick, I had nothing left in my system, so even though I pushed SO hard, I didn't poop. I was so afraid I was going to, but luckily I didn't!


BIG RED - June 29

I did when I had both my kids it was horrible. I was mortified. All the Dr. kept telling me was that I just push and poop instead of trying not to poop. It was horrible. I think the worst part is that I made my best friend who was in there gag so it made me feel bad. But now we laugh about it. And I also peed with out knowing it. Dr. turned me on my back to get ready to push and baby's head pushed on my blatter apparently it was not empty but I did not feel myself doing it. I was just all the sudden getting wet. It was weird. It is all so very funny now but I did not think it was at the time it was happening.


ashley - June 29

I did! I was mortified. NO ONE told me this would happen and the nurse or the doctor did not rea__sure me this was "normal" so ofcourse it interfered with me pushing because I didn't want to push. It took them 30 minutes of convincing to really push. i was pretending and they knew. Ha ha.


kvilendrer - June 29

i pooped with my son and i didn't even know it. my husband told me afterward...he watched the birth. Kind of embarra__sing, but it happens to a lot of women and the docs are used to it! If it happens to you, just laugh later :)


Mommy - June 29

I did, I think. My husband said I did and I'm pretty sure the nurse said something about "finishing my bowel movement" or something while I was pushing. I think it's pretty amusing, now. Besides, when you have pressure everydown down below, SOMETHING is bound to come out. :o)


jnine29 - June 29

it did not happen to me and i was in labour for 48 hrs


bbelmore - June 30

I had an enema, by my choice, because LO was so low he was blocking my bum and I couldn't poop for two weeks, still pooped a little while pushing. no big deal, I had a lot of other stuff on my mind at the time- like getting the baby out! I did throw up ALOT , ever minutes or so for the entire hour I pushed. That sucked. Big time.


AmandaManns - June 30

I was in labor for 22 hours and I did not poop while pushing. Although it felt like I was going to and I kept saying that I felt like I had to poop and they just said that is what I should be feeling and if I did go that it was no big deal. Thankfully I didn't go but you won't even care if you do.


kelbabe - June 30

yep! it was funny, i didnt realise i had done it until the midwife opened the window!!!


ren05 - July 3

hi, i was in labour for a very long time and i did a couple of little poops i didnt even know, icould just smell it.my husband,best friend & sister were all there & they all joked about it.


michellem - July 4

i asked for an enema at the start of my labour with two out of my 3 children, had time because i was induced, they wouldn't have given me one if i hadn't needed it apparently so i may well have pooped am due in 5 wks and will ask again, i just feel better that way, i did break wind every time i pushed with my last one though which i actually found very amusing!! midwives just went on like usual they don't give a d__n they've seen and heard it all


^lucy^ - July 4

lol... i delivered 48 days ago,, i didnt have time to ask or even think if i did or not :P i think i did but no one mentioned it to me.. i didnt feel anything or concentrate on anything except pushing my baby girl out.. hubby was at my head so he didnt see anything :) thanks God :p but if i really did, i dont really care,, dr and nurses didnt even bother about it and the most important thing is that i had a healthy baby girl and a natural delivery which i somewhat feel proud that i could do it :)


mama-beans - July 5

Didn't with my daughter, did with my son. Actually, I was glad as it reasurred me that I was pushing correctly. When the nurse wisked away the proof I just giggled to my sisters ( in attendance along with DH) he he... I pood on the table! Actually, with all that was happening, it was nice to have a little comic relief!



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