Possible Induction

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preggiepop02 - April 17

Im 36 weeks pregnant and at my 34 week appt found out that my kidneys are backed up due to the baby putting pressure on the tubes that go to my bladder. Today I went in and found out that its getting worse. At 34 weeks they told me that if things didnt improve or got worse, they wouldnt let me go beyond 37 weeks because it could end up causing kidney damage. So now it looks like they may need to induce once I hit 37 weeks. Has anyone else had this problem with their kidneys? Do any of you have any experience with inductions? I've read about inductions not being successful. Does the fact that the baby is at station 0, I'm 1+cm, and 80% effaced make a difference?


rebecca278 - April 17

preggiepop, I've been induced twice. The first one probably shouldn't have worked, but it did. My body wasn't ready at all, but the baby was big and I was trying to VBAC because my first was even bigger and got stuck. I was a day shy of 40 wks and not effaced or dilated. They started me on pitocin and increased it very, very slowly. Finally the next day after not making hardly any progress and was still only 1cm only 20% effaced, my water broke (probably from all the internal exams) and it only took 6 hrs from there (they kept me on the pitocin until about 9 cm.)-----I was 39w5d and almost 3cm at the start of my second induction. It started by the Dr. breaking my water. After about 4 hours they started me on pitocin, but again they inreased it very slowly because of having a prior c-section and the pitocin can cause contractions that are stronger than normal and they want to avoid uterine rupture. With this birth I had an epidural, which didn't seem to slow anything down and really helped when the contractions started getting really strong. I don't mind being induced, but it's worked for me. I think as long as your body is ready, which it sounds like yours is already starting to prepare, you are more likely to have a successful induction. Good luck!!


preggiepop02 - April 17

I just know that the last thing I want is a c-section. But it sounds like it is more common to have a successful induction than not. I guess I'll find out what the doctor wants to do within the next day or so. A little nervous, but I know it will all work out!


Amy_mommy - April 22

i went into the hospital naturally until when i hit 7 cm & they had to induce me to speed up the labor! after that, it went quickly.....



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