Possible IUGR And Really Scared Help Please

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Tammy - February 18

I went to my 38 week appointement and for the last month I have gained no weight at all.The doctor said the baby may have IUGR and that I should have non stress tests every 3 days to make sure the baby is ok.I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and I am very worried that the longer I am pregnant that the baby will be the one to suffer because it is not recieveing enough nutrients from me and the placenta will shut down completely.So far they said the baby is doing ok and is active but I dont understand the sense of keeping the baby in me until something serious happens.I would rather have her out if it means she will thrive better on the outside.My next app't isnt until the end of next week and I dont want to wait that long to see what happens.Im sure they will induce me by then but I dont feel good about waiting taht long to do something.Im thinking to take the castor oil bceause I am stressed out!! I feel like my body is ready because I am 2cm dilated and baby is engaged and I am having lots of pressure.


?? - February 18

What is an IUGR?


Christine - February 18

intrauterine growth restriction...


Christine - February 18

Im a little confused...you said that they want you to have non stress tests every 3 days...arent they seeing you at the office for them? Then you said your next appt. is not until the end of next week...If that is right I would argue with them...ask for a sonogram to check the baby's weight/length and such...measure the amniotic fluid, etc...Stay as calm as you can, try not to stress too much, I would think at this point your safe to deliver when she/he comes...but I do not advise castor oil...it can work..but can also create a mess and extra discomfort for yourself...try s_x (if possible), do some extra walking, but nothing strenuous...good luck and let us know how everything goes...I'm sure all will be well..


Tammy - February 26

Hi Christine; I go for the tests at the hospital andnot the clinic which is inconvenient as well.They did an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago and said that the baby is measuring at 36 weeks instead of 38.Plus I did not gain any weght.I went to my app't this week and now they are saying everything looks fine and I gained 2.2lbs.I am going to be induced on Feb.28th so I am now getting ready for that and just hope that the baby comes out well.I tried the castor oil and it didnt do a darn thing...lol.Maybe I will try it before Monday again but I dont think I can hack the taste of it again.Anyway I guess nature will decide on everything.Thx for gettin back to me.


B - June 29

My mom had IUGR with me and I am perfectly fine. I was very small (3 lbs.4 oz.) but recovered fine. Dont stress out!!!



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