Possible Length Of Induced Labor

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Steffy - May 5

I am scheduled to be induced at 6am on may 13. I will be exactly 39 weeks on may 13. My doc is planning to start by inserting a prostaglandin drug to ripen my cervix, then break my water, and if that doesn't work then give me pitocin(spelling?). So I am wondering if any of you have had similar inductions and how long it took. Do you think induced labors tend to be shorter, longer, about the same as natural labor?


Chelle - May 5

I was induced the same way 8 months ago. I went in at 1 cm dialated and 50%. I was 38 weeks and they inserted cervadil at 7pm and I had to stay in the hospital over night while it was in. Contractions started about a hour after it was in and got pretty painful a couple hours later. I got a shot for pain (can't remember which one) and then went to sleep. I was started on pitocin at 7am the next morning, then broke my water a few hours later. I was 9 cm by around midnight. I got an epidural at 2 cm because the contractions where so strong and painful. I'm not sure it that was from being induced or if I'm just a wuss =) I ended up having to have a c-section because of many complications that didn't have anything to do with being induced. My whole labor from when they inserted cervidil to when I had the c-section was about 18 hours. Good Luck!


preggiepop02 - May 5

I was induced 2 weeks ago monday. Same exact thing. I started on the prostaglandin at midnight and didnt have any change, but pretty good contractions. At 9 am they started me on pitocin and by 1:30 again hadnt shown any change so they broke my water. Once they did this I was in a lot of pain due to the baby being so low.. so at 2:30 I got an epideral. By 3:30 I started to have change and went from 2cm to 10cm in 1.5 hrs. I think my body was too stressed to have change, once I got the epideral and my body relaxed I dilated and did so fast!!!! I started pushing at 5pm and had the baby at 5:19pm. I think it really just depends on your body. My body just didnt take to the pitocin or anything well but once I relaxed everything happened really fast. My midwife told me that the contractions I was feeling at 2cm with pitocin is what you would normally feel at 8cm if labor started naturally. I was also only 37 weeks.. so that fact that you are 39 weeks will probably make a big difference. Good Luck!!


Been There - May 6

It really depends on how your body reacts. I was 9 days overdue, got induced, but my body still refused to do more than give me contractions and stop dilating at 4 cm. I sat at 4 cm from about 8 that morning until 10 that night when they finally performed a c-section. I wouldn't efface and dilation was stuck. But I was probably more on the rare side when it comes to situations.


Chem400 - May 6

Induced labors tend to be longer, harder and have a higher chance of a c-section. It is not just cervical dilation that promotes a healthy, productive labor. It is a symphony of maternal and fetal hormones that are released when natural labor occurs that make a labor go smoothly. At 39 weeks your body may accept the boost. HOWEVER, I WOULD NOT LET THEM BREAK MY WATER IF I WERE YOU. Once you do that there is a time-line that you must deliver within according to most docs or hospitals. The longer your water is broken the higher chance of an infection setting in for you or baby, if that happens you could end up with a c-section that you originally didn't need. There is no medical reason to break your water until labor is established. Things should go well, and get the epidural if offered after you are like 4 cm dilated. Good luck with your labor and delivery of a healthy baby!


Kiddolebel - May 6

I was induced on a friday night at 40 wks 2 days....had the baby sunday morning at 1136am. Good luck!


mom42 - May 6

Well, I guess I'm the happy, aka short, ending... I was 40 weeks, 6 days. I went in to the hospital and had my water broken at 9:20am, started contractions right away, and had the baby at 12:40pm. Yup...just over 3 hours, start to finish. I didn't have any drugs, or need anything else to move labor along. The dr barely made it back to delivery the baby and I only had about 3 pushes to get her out. Honestly, though, it was too fast. I preferred my first baby's delivery with 8 hours of labor, including 1.5 hours pushing, since it built up more slowly and I was more in control. My body recuperated almost immediately with the shorter labor, I was walking around with no problems. My doula says that if I have a third baby, I should camp out in the parking lot of the hospital, to make sure I can make it there quick enough!


lucienne78 - May 11

My induction was an absolute breeze! I got to the hospital at 9:30 AM. They started the pitocin at 10AM and I have my dd at 1:49PM. 3 hours and 49 minutes. It was great. My doctor almost didn't make it to back to the hospital. It's my first, so he thought that I wouldn't deliver until that night. I think it really just depends on how ready your body is.



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