Possible Signs Of Early Labor

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kmv511 - December 11

I will be 35 weeks on monday and have been experiencing some bizzare things that proobably shouldn't happen until later on.. Pelvic pain, when i walk it feels like she keeps going lower and lower with every step. Painful contractions, not sure if they are braxton hicks. They feel like intensified period cramps that bring shortness of breath and will sometime double me over. They can be regular for an hour and then they just stop coming all together for a few days. Literally dripping va___al discharge- sometimes mucousy sometimes watery and cloudy.. Have to constantly wear a panty-liner. Intense fetal movement - sometimes frantic and painful other times just normal movements. Numbness and tingling in the arms.. All day, not just when sleeping. Accompanied by swelling and retaining water. anyone else experience this?


cirisy - April 28

i'm thirty eight weeks and haven't experienced these, they are probably normal though, so don't get too worried. But as usual it could also mean sign of infection. I really recommend visiting a professional either a doctor who deals with this subject or a midwife i recommend a midwife over a doctor though, because most midwifes have had a pregnancy or have seen all types of pregnancies in past, all types of labours and have done all their research as it's their job. But a maternity doctor in a hospital might have the experience as well. You could possibly be in labour now for premature birth, so you shoud really, really get checked out well. also eat well, healthy, and rest as much as you can, get fresh air from yard occasionally if feeling sluggish or too warm, drink water often.


easte2010 - June 28

I am 37 weeks and have been experiencing several of these same symptoms for the last couple of weeks. Since I am going for weekly checkups, I have talked to my doctor about all of my symptoms and it seems to be just your body preparing for delivery, even though it could still be several weeks away. You should definately be resting a lot and drinking a lot of water and get checked out by your doc or midwife. Hang in there!


4tobe - August 13

i have been having braxtin hicks for about two months now by the i am 33 weeks. my doc checked me last week and i was 2 1/2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced today i have been having more intense contractions that have been occuring like every 16 minutes all day long they get closer together or get further apart but they do seem to be geting stronger and i did a self check and my cervix are like really low and i can get both pointer a nd middle finger throught the os without force. any sugestions while i wait for my doc to call me back



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