Premature Labor

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KellynJ - May 20

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. I have been haveing terrible pains on my sides, like where my kidneys are, also menstural cramp like pains and around the bottom of my rib cage above my belly,a painful pressure, I also feel very constipated and "going" a lot (i just love being pregnant, lol) my doctor has told me that I have a very high chance going into labor early, I work and never know if I should leave because this is "it", any advice from anyone who knew when to go to the hospital, I would hate being sent home again, last time a woman told me it was a waste of time when I was there, and I felt like it was. Also, anyone else that had premature labor, how did everything turn out?


Dalfie - May 24

I had some braxton hicks (false labor pains) around 30 something weeks. they came and went. Then at 34wk6 days, I woke up to more of them, and when I timed them, they were regular.... When they get to be regular timing is when I was told to get concerned. At that point they varied from 5-6 minutes apart. After about 30 minutes of this, I called the hospital. Turns out, they want to know how LONG the contractions are too... so I timed the length... 30 sec or so, less likely real labor... the closer to 60 sec, the more likely that its real labor. By that point, I was having 60 sec contractions every 4 min. I was admitted to the hospital, and delivered my son 16 hours later. Of course, since he was born at 35 wks to the day, he spent a week in NICU... Good luck... :-)


JessDT - May 24

good question KellynJ, i'm almost 35 weeks and i am experiencing the same things. i have a drs appt tomorrow so hopefully he'll tell me whats going on. and thanks for the advice Dalfie. GOOD LUCK KELLYNJ!!!!!!!!


KellynJ - May 25

thank you Dalfie i really appreciate your time, and your answer thank you.. let me know what your doc says JessDT :)


JessDT - May 25

i got back from my drs and he says that its braxton hicks. i guess they can be painfull some times. i know i'm only 35 weeks, but i just want to have my baby!! do you feel that way. i walk a lot in hopes to start something. but nothing yet. i even walked home from the drs and it was a half an hour walk. i guess the baby will come when hes ready. the dr said that the baby is 5-6lbs. i'm just so sick of being pregnant, and i can't wait to see my first son!!!!!


KellynJ - May 26

JessDT, I Know What you mean by sick of being pregnant, i miss my energy and no pain, i dont think its being selfish, someone told me it was, they never were pregnant. I am having a boy too.. I am so excited to see him. I am curious about braxton hicks, i wonder if that means labor is around the coner.. well thankx again!


JessDT - May 26

hey kellynj, i hate it when people who aren't pregnant give you advice on being pregnant, cause they really know what is going on. i was wondering the same thing about braxton hicks too. my cousin just had her first the beginning of may and said she didn't feel any bh contractions and she was 8 days late. i've been feeling them all the time so hopefully that means sooner rather than later.


KellynJ - May 28

I know im still early but i am feeling them a lot more.. do you also feel like you have to be in hard labor just to comsult your doctor, i dont want to sound obsessive to her but at the same time, its her job to know what is goieng on, i dont want to have my son in the car on the way up to the hospital.. sometimes it seems like the nurses get frustrted, ive only been to the hospital once for contractions, and one nurse thought it was a waste of her time, well excuse me for being concerned.. (sorry had to vent :)


Dalfie - May 31

Don't worry about wasting the nurses time! They are paid to be there to answer your questions. Maybe she was having a bad day... anyway, it isn't like you're bothering her every day! If something changes and you are concerned, by all means call the doc's office! It won't be long now, your little boy will be here soon! Even if he waits until the full 40 weeks... I know, when you are pregnant it seems like such a LONG time!!! :-)


Athom - June 2

Its better to be safe than sorry... I have had preterm labor with this preg. and if your worried... being that early you should be... go get checked out. Who cares if its a waste of time... you want to make sure your not in labor cause thats atoo early to be having a baby. I went into labor 2 times at 31 and 32 weeks they stopped the contractions and put me on bed rest until 34 weeks then they said they didn't care if I had it so I took myself off bed rest and I'm 36 almost 37 weeks and doing fine... so ya never know. Just take care of yourself and the baby



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