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Rachel H - April 18

Anyone who has used this before - did it help dilate/efface your cervix, and when did you start using it?


Rachel H - April 23

Anyone? Also, if you take it by mouth is that just as effective as applying it directly to the cervix?


Kiersten - April 24

I took the gell caps for about the last 10 weeks. Didn't do much for me. GL!


oweirdo - May 1

Evening primrose oil is an excellent source of prostaglandins. It does not start labor, just softens the cervix!!!! I just started at 34 weeks, 2 500mg per day. At 38 you can use them as inserts or break open and apply directly to the cervix


Rachel H - May 3

Good luck, oweirdo. I didn't dilate at all with my first pregnancy, and went a week past my due date before they induced me. So, I started taking them at 35 weeks this time around (3- 1000mg caplets a day)... and I went to my 36 week appointment and the my doctor said I was dilated 1 cm already. So, I think they're working for me. If not, oh well... at least I'm dilated! lol :)


cathybabe - May 19

Hello to all moms and soon to be moms out there. I'm on my 33rd week and after reading all the good things that this Evening Primerose Oil can bring to me, I am now dying to get this one because I am so bothered about all the labour/delivery process and if this Primerose Oil really happens to help then I'll surely try this but the thing is I am really not aware where to get it here cause I am currently living in Bahrain (middle east) for my husband is work-based here and I barely know where to find things and stuffs in this place (or if I could even find one) and for another thought that we've just moved in. Well then, can anyone give a helping hand??? (",) It would be a great help for me. Please... Thank you in advance and more power to Pregnancy Info.


cathybabe - May 19

And another thing, can anyone testify if it really helps with the effacement of our cervix please? I'd really love to know and prove that this really works for us pregnant women. Thank you.


Rachel H - May 22

Cathybabe, you can get them at any drug store. They should have them. They'll be with the rest of the vitamins. I'm 39 weeks and 2 days (every day counts, lol)... and I really think they helped my cervix. I'm 2 cm and 25% effaced. Good luck!


cathybabe - May 22

Thanks for the useful info Rachel, I'll just let you know if i get to find one. Hope you'll have a peaceful delivery and spread the news my dear.. Thanks again. God Bless!


cathybabe - May 22

I forgot to ask on how to take this primerose oil, does anyone can have the same dosage? How often and from where should I start taking this? Please.. Please..


Rachel H - May 22

Cathybabe, you just follow the directions on the bottle. I think it says to take 3 caplets a day by mouth (on my bottle). But you can insert them v____ally to help with the cervix. Make sure you wear a pantyliner though because when it dissolves, it will leak out. I started taking mine by mouth at like 35 weeks, and I just started inserting them v____ally this last week or so. I'm due on Tuesday, and in my opinion, I think it helped me.



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