Prodromal Labor

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Jamie - March 3

We're currently diagnosed with prodromal labor. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this situation or any suggestions. The contractions have been about 4 - 5 minutes apart and strong enough to prevent sleep for the last 3 days. When we first went to the hospital the contractions were about 2 minutes apart, and they first thought we were in active labor. But, there has been little cervical change. Some, but just not a lot. I hate being hasty in a situation like this, but the lack of sleep and stress that we are going through is going to make for an extremely difficult labor once it actually does commence. Does anyone know of any ideas to speed things up, or get them to stop. Either would be great at this point. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Nicole - March 10

Sorry I can not help you out because I am in the same situation currently. I could have written your post for you. My due date is the 17th and I am going in today to plead with my dr to do something. I was told to take benedryl to sleep and when I woke up the contractions would either be gone or I would be in real labor, well yeah right, I have been in prodromal labor for 3 weeks now! My body can't take it anymore, I feel like I have been hit by a bus. I hope you deliver soon(if your due date is soon) or find some sort of relief, as I have not as of yet.


Deborah - September 13

I'm in my 9th pregnancy and was looking up prodromal on the internet. Some advice I've heard on calming a tight uterus are a bath with epsom salts, taking extra magnesium (amount?), drinking plenty of water (dehydration was a cause of early labor), postponing intimacy. If you're pretty confident your baby's lungs are ready for breathing and he or she will not be premature and reluctant to nurse, then... advice I've received to start real labor is caster oil (whisked into your favorite soda or as a float) because the smooth muscles of the uterus and the intestines both contract, blue cohash and black cohash alternating (amounts-I don't remember), the married thing (proteins and contractions help and stress is relieved), and walking. My husband has recommended jumping jacks, but I have yet to try that (smile). A verse in Psalms says that God causes to deer to calve, so we must turn to Him in trust! I truly hope these help!


Tami - September 14

Hey ladies! I know exactly what you are going through-that is why I am up at 4:30 in the morning! I have been in prodromal labor for three weeks now also and I am getting desperate. No sleep and pain all the time has started to take its toll on me and I am ready to beg my doctor to do something!


Michelle - September 29

For all of you out there with "prodromal labor". I expericencd 4 days of it with my first pregnancy and my Dr. has promised it won't happen again........However, if it does, I hate to say it ......a good dose of morphine is on the menu. I've been told that often this will not only help you but your body relaxe so the "productive labor" can begin. For all of you out there that don't believe in the drugs I have to tell to say "walk a mile in our shoes". For all of you out there that can't take much more ask your Dr. for some help. There is no reason to be a hero. You're a hero already. YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE A MOM! PS I'm at 40 weeks and counting with baby 2. So, see no matter what it's all worth it :)


Jessa - February 23

It's nice to see that I am not the only one. I am an RN & had never heard of prodromal labor until now. I'm am experiencing it too. The only thing I have found on it is to relax which is really hard to do when you contracting every few minutes, in pain & tired from sleep deprevation I wish you all luck I hope the road is not to long! My doctor said she can't help me for 3 more weeks! Ahhhhh!


Jenn - February 23

no morphine!! I was in this situation for 2 days with my first son-I had contractions a min to 5 apart and sent home from the hospital 2 xs. The third day I went back tired from no sleep and I was only at 4 cm. They gave me morphine. It made me pa__s out in between contractions. I would pa__s out and then be ripped from sleep in pain-If I knew then what I know now I would have never let them do that. I ended in a c section anyways cause the baby had had enough. I never dialated pa__sed four cm-even after they broke my water and put me on pitocin. It sucked real bad! This time I am having a scheduled c section. Doc said that my sons head was lodged and stuck and that was what was interupting my cervix. He was 10 pounds! Good luck to you!


Tiffany - April 13

I had prodromal labor as well. I was stuck at 3.5 cm and total effacement forever. After 3 days without sleep (the contractions were 2-4 min apart and hurt too much to sleep) I was given morphine at the hospital. I woke up for each contraction (which spaced out to about once every 6 min) and then fell right back to sleep. When the morphine wore off I took a hot shower and got checked. 5 cm!!!! I did get stalled at 5.5cm for a while, but after that everything went smoothly. I delivered drug-free -- the morphine wore off more than 12 hours beforehand and I didn't get an epidural or anything. My son had such a pointy head from molding! I really recommend "morphine sleep," as the hospital staff called it, to any woman in super intense prodromal labor. I woke up thinking, "I can handle another day of this. They can send me home now." But they didn't have to because my body was able to relax enough during the sleep to let me progress.



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