Prolonged Latent Labour

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Ajay - November 12

On Thursday night i started having regular contractions, about 10 mins apart, which then shortened to 3 mins apart friday morning. Went into hospital, had NST, where they confirmed i was in latent labour, but since i was only 1 cm dilated, and had started to lose my mucous plug but still no bloody show, sent me home until i had a show, my water breaks or contractions become unbearable. It is now saturday morning, and contractions have intensified and are still regular, but not unbearable. I am still losing my mucous plug, but as yet still no show or water breaking. Does anyone have any idea how much longer this is going to go on for, or what i can do to help it?


To Ajay - November 12

I'm in the same boat as you. Contractions which keep coming and going, intensifying to 3 mins apart then dwindling away to nothing. Most only lasting for about 30 seconds at best :( This has been going on for the past two weeks and I'm now 3 days overdue thinking I'm going to be in this pregnant state forever because nothing is coming of the contractions.


wantmyson - November 14

Ajay; I am in the same boat also. Have been for almost two weeks now. Went to the hos and then back home, teared right up. DH didn't know what to do with me. LOL. I wish I knew what to do to help give my son a little push to get here. I have tried walking, pineapple, and s_x. I get to the point it's time and then nothing. I have the back labor to go along with the contractions. Dr said today if I progressed by friday I could go to the hos and he would keep me. But his room is done, bags are packed, car seat ready, lists are checked are rechecked. Entire family is on baby alert and still here I sit waiting. This is our first son so we are both anxious. We have two girls 13 and 9, so this is the last one for us. If there's any other ideas that work, will post them right away.


TC - November 14

Days, weeks and (yikes) even months.



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