Pubic Bone Pain

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Michelle - March 8

I am having huge pain on my pubic bone so bad it hurts to walk, roll over and stand. Anyone else have this problem? My doctor cant see me for 3 days and this pain hurts so much just wondering what relives this pain. I am 39 + 6 and cant take it anymore what should I do


Marni - March 8

I am 37 weeks and have been experiencing the same for about two weeks. Unfortunately I haven't found alot that helps, but pelvic rocks help temporarily. Tylenol. Warm baths. Change position a lot. Staying in any position for too long seems to make it worse... doens't sound like you have much time left, hang in there! Good luck :)


Astrid - March 18

After 7 weeks of experiencing your same pain we finally figured out what was wrong. After delivering my daughter, i had an x-ray and apparently my pubic bone had separated 1.5 cm. I went to see an orthopedic doctor and he explained this sometimes happens because your pregnancy hormones loosen the ligaments around your pelvis in order to allow you to birth the baby. Just mine separated more then what they should have. When the hormones regulate, the ligaments will tighten and the pelvis should come back together. In the meantime i take motrin for pain and wear a pelvic binder. The doctor said only time will heal it. Good LuCK!! It does get better after the delivery.


Barb - March 24

I am 51 and I had extreme pain in my lower back and leg.It would get so bad I could hardly bend over. I went to a chiropractor and that did not help. I went to a physical therapist and it was explained to me that my pubic bone somehow slips out of joint or place? The PT had me do about 6 to 10 sit-ups and then lay flat with my knees in the air and feet flat. Then the PT glently pushed my knees together while I pushed out and then the opposite. I felt a "snapping" from my knee down to my pubic region. A few days later the pain was gone.. I don't know if this is why you have the pain but it would be worth talking to a physical therapist to see if that would help. I still have problems once in awhile but I have my husband help me with the exercise. Sure beats the pain I once had. Good luck and hope you get some help with your pain.


Tammy Krutchik - March 29

I have had the same pain as you explained, hurts to walk, can not run, I have had this pain for about 1 yr and half. I have been seeing a chiro for 3 mos straight. I gave birth 6 months ago and my pain is still as bad as it was a year ago, it has made me very depressed because just walking is very painful and I am tired of being in pain. If someone would tell me tomorrow that surgery would take care of it I would be first in line. I feel like I am never going to have a normal life again.


Stacey - March 30

I'm 38/6 and have the same pain but not only does my pubic bone hurt but my inner thighs and hips. I found that moving makes it best because when I rise after sitting too long its at its worse. I also found complete relief in a bathtub but only while in the water. My doctor says its normal but I broke down crying on her because I feel like I can't take it anymore too. Hang in there.


Teresa - April 5

i'm 26 weeks pregnant and the pain just started and it's hard to stand and walk. I was so concerned and so tense my whole body was hurting. My doctor did not provide much info. A friend who lives far away and is a physical therapist suggested the following exercise: lie flat on your back with your legs bent and gently try to open your legs w/ someone putting gentle pressure to close it. Then do the other way around, the person tries to open it and you try to close it. Do it 3 times each way and figure which one works better for you. Be gentle. For me it worked out better closing the legs, so i've being using a ball in between the legs, on and off throughout the day. The pain did not go away but it is bearable now. My friend also suggested I look for physical therapy, but i have not gone that step yet. I also have been sitting on a exercise ball when on the computer so i can move once in a while. I don't know if you're prgs, but if there's a misalignement of the bones, it's all the same. Best of luck, live not with pain


Asia - April 6

I am 26 weeks and also having the same pain. Ihave found that seeing a chiropractor has helped with the pain. I also try to keep my legs together as much as possible. Its not a cure but a quick fix.


CL - April 12

I am 36 weeks and find that i only experience this type of pain if i have been in the same position for more than half an hour. as long as i shift positions frequently and get up to walk around after an hour, i feel better Warm water also helps


Ana - April 12

I'm 33 weeks and experience mild pain in that area...might help if you try avoiding carrying heavy weight, or changing positions now and then!


Mummy - April 14

I had that pain, personally I think its the VERY first signs of labour, because I was in labour 3 days after having those pains.


Melissa - May 1

Michelle I am 21 weeks and I have been experiencing the pubic bone pain for over a week now. The only thing that has slightly helped is filling the tub with a few inches of warm water and just sitting in it. I try to do that a couple of times a day and that seems to help some. My doctor also suggested placing ice packs in that area. I have not tried that. Good luck. I hope to get some relief soon. If not I have a long ways to go with this discomfort and pain.


ALicia - May 7

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my secon child. My doctor calls it "second baby syndrome". It is very painful, and he said that movment or motion will only aggrivate it. My advice would be to just take it easy and relax. It'sonly going to get worse, I know from experience.


rosiethelawgirl - May 7

Yes -- I too am experiencing this. I believe it is called Pubic Symphysis Distfunction/Pain which is caused by the misalignment of the pelvic bone. A good website to check out on this is


jackie - May 10

i have had that pain since i was like 28 weeks and it just gets worst the farther along you are i think.its normal.your hormones are preparing your pelvis to be able to push your baby out.natually all women cant push their babies out with the size of their non pregnant pelvis.but god is so clever he figured a way to make it possible.ever watch forensic shows???how do they know when the bones of a woman who has had a child from those who have not???the pelvis.i found it helps just to get up and bite the bullet and walk around until it feels okay again.or do b___terfly stretchs.and be careful how to get dont want to pull something.remember that our gorgeous pregnant bodies are more delicate now!!


Sabrina - May 10

I have the same pain and it has been around for about 3 weeks. It is worse this week and the doctor told me tonight that I am 3cm and 50%. I am 36 weeks. I have found that rolling my legs inward at work and sitting so the pressure of my body is to the rear and not the front (easier said then done) helps some. It has been so bad that I have tried to stand on a couple of occa__sion and almost fell. Add this to the pain from my liver (stint in duct until baby is born) and having my gall bladder removed at 23 weeks and all the wonderful stomack junk that came with that and I can say I have had my days of crying. I have a 10 year old daughter and I was happy to be having another girl, but this is it. I don't like feeling inert. I hope you find some relief, I truly understand.


Laura - August 13

Hello! I am 22 weeks and have just started experiencing pubic bone pain. It is very odd and I can't walk when it happens- I try to waddle but it doesn;t seems to help. I read up on SPD which explain how the hips misalign when stretching. That seems to make sense of it as I have alwasy had a mild swagger- as my Dad puts it. I am crossing my fingers that following the advice of not sitting too long will decrease it- both times it has occured I had been sitting for a long time. I think I will see a chiroprator for adjustments if it continues. I give sympathy for the pain- it is weird and scary. Good luck to all! Check out this site on SPD:



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