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liz - May 24

how long do you normally have to push when you have your first baby? and is it an easy job first time


Jen - May 24

Well, the books say first timers can take an hour or more to push but with my first one it only took 15 minutes. For me it felt really good to push as it eliminated the pain so I pushed almost contantly for 15 minutes with hardly any breaks.


mellissa - May 24

it took me an hour and ten minutes to push but like jen said, pushing got rid of the pain of the contractions,so i didn't even notice how long it took. i was just happy to not feel the contractions!! some of my friends said pushing was the most painful part, but i had my baby with no drugs and pushing didn't hurt one bit. good luck to you liz!!!


Maleficent - May 25

i agree, pushing actually felt GOOD. with my first i pushed for about 20-30 minutes.


Katharine - May 25

I pushed 1 1/2 hours. Again, pushing felt awesome after being in labor. It was the best part of the birthing experience, besides the baby. I didn't use any drugs, either.


Sal - May 28

How long it takes and how easy it is depends on a lot of factors. If you're stressed out, inhibited, in an uncomfortable environment, "in your head", distracted by bright lights, talking, eye contact, coaching, or just the feeling of being observed, it's likely to take longer. Likewise, if you're pushing on your back (a vertical position opens the pelvis 30% more,) or if you're pushing before you get the urge (common in delivery rooms because they tell you to start pushing based only on how dilated you are,) it's going to take longer and be harder than it would otherwise.


Reyna - June 1

I pushed for about an hour. And you have to push like you have to take a HUGE bowel movement. Good luck!


Toya - June 2

I just had my first and it took 15 minutes to push...The urge is so strong to push, that pushing feels so good...feels like a relief!



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