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jenna32 - June 28

i don't know if it is just me ( i was curious if it was or not) but, you know when the baby is so far out of you and the nurses tell you to stop pushing for a minute? did anyone actually stop pushing? i just felt the constant urge to push and i could hardly stop myself,it took a lot of strength to actually stop!! did anybody else feel like that or am i just weird?


E586467 - June 28

The reason they tell you to stop pushing is so hopefully you won't tear. My sister in-law didn't stop pushing & had VERY bad tearing, so for me that was always in the back of my mind & I had NO problem stopping pushing & just panted when they told me. No you are NOT weird the urge is still there to push especially if you are having a contraction, but it is much better for you (down there) if you can manage to stop pushing when they tell you to. I was very lucky both times as I had no tearing, & I a__sume it was because I didn't rush the pushing & stopped when they said. How about you, any tearing?


alirenee86 - July 1

I needed one stictch and I guess it's because I didn't stop when they said either...but my baby came out with only one push and I remember the urge being so incredibly strong, I don't remember feeling like I would've been able to control that whatsoever! It's the strongest urge I have ever felt in my life...I had no idea it was that strong. Having number 2 soon and hoping I can stop if they tell me too.


schreck - July 1

I don't remember being told to stop pushing and tore. Once my dd was out I didn't have the urge to push anymore and don't remember having to push to get the placenta out.


Crystal83 - July 3

Usually you are told to stop pushing when they are trying to manuvre the shoulders out and don't want you to tear. Also if the cord is around the neck they will want to fix that right away. This happened to me during my 1st and 3rd deliveries. It was really hard for me to stop pushing because it hurst sooo bad at that point because the biggest part of the baby is coming out and it burns. I pushed like a champ with all 3 and stopped when the Dr. told me to stop and with in 15-20 min I pushed the baby out. I've never torn with any delivery either, so maybe it really does help to stop?


Whitney - July 4

When I had my son 3 yrears ago my Dr. flat out told me to stop pushing or I would tear, it was hard not to but just thinking about tearing was all I needed to stop, so I did. I stoped every single time him & the nurses told me too & didn't tear at all.


wv_red - July 4

Hi jenna32, I had my little one 5 wks ago tomorrow and when the doc told me to stop pushing it was because the cord was around her neck twice. I stopped when she said stop, I still tore and pretty bad at that. I guess they let you tear when something else is more important. It was hard to stop but I did. The healing part sucked!!!


jenna32 - July 5

i think i only tore a little bit,at first they were like you're doing so good,no need for st_tches yet,until the end i guess, i ended up getting some anyway. it must have been so scary having the cord around your l.o's necks. i think they should do routine late ultrasounds if they could tell from that.



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