Pushing Tearing Question

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Lindsay - January 21

ok so I heard that if you push too hard/fast when delivering you have a higher chance of tearing. So for those of you who have had babies before or have already taken their birthing class....how are you supposed to push? Just easy on the pushing altogether or are there certain times to stop and let yourself stretch? I wanna do my damndest to try to not tear, I still think I will bc my mom did with all 4 kids but Im gonna try. Ive been doing kegels and started perineum massages at 32 weeks.


Klasnaya - January 21

yes its true, if you push too early or too fast you can tear. also mostly if you are induced you have a higher chance of tears because usualy everything goes too fast...


Shannon - January 21

it's hard not to push too fast cuz after the pain of contractions you just wat it all over with. the doctor usually tells you when to push and when to stop. it's hard to tell yourself because you can't really see what's happening down there. i tore a bit and t wasn't that bad. i'm glad it wasn't worse though.


MB - January 21

I couldnt not push...my body just wanted to push naturally. Because they thought my baby was in stress, I had to push him out really quick (not even with the contractions...just continueous pushing). I tore quite bad, but it didnt hurt as much as the contractions....no drugs by the way. FYI, when you are pushing, push like you doing a #2. I was glad someone told me that before I went into labour


Erin - January 21

I had an epidural and couldn't really feel everything....the nurse helped me to "stretch" with pushes as we were waiting for the doctor to arrive. I still tore. Doing the ma__sage should help you, but it's so hard to predict what will happen/how big the baby is/how much room you have. Pushing is different for each person. My baby came very quickly, and I pushed hard for about 15 minutes, then slowed down, and once the doc arrived it was about 4 pushes and she was out. Good Luck!!



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