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littlerose80 - January 21

Hey i was just wondering from your experience how long did you have diarhea (if you had it) before labor started. I have had diarhea everyday all day since Wednesday (4 days) and was wondering if that is an indication that i will go into labor soon? I had false labor on Wed night/ thrursday morning. Contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart for about an hour. Went to the hospital and was only dilated 1cm. They sent me home with a shot of Morphine and said to come back if they didn't stop or increased in strength. Well they stopped on there own and i haven't had any since then. I am getting really frusturated with this diarhea though and am nausea at times. Anyway experience this? Amber


MichelleB - January 24

I only had it once, probably about 12 hours before baby was born....i was already having contractions about 6 minutes apart. I was glad it happened before I went ot the hospital! Good luck. I hope things progress quickly. I was only 1cm when I got to the hopsital, but baby was here 6 hours later. Every one is different. Hopefully you have had your baby by now!


littlerose80 - January 24

No unfortunately i haven't had my baby yet. I am still suffering from diarhea - usually about four times a day. I have been having contractions - some quite intense but nothing regular. Hopefully she comes soon as i don' t know how much longer i can continue on like this.


kaybee123 - January 25

I will be 39 weeks Friday. I've been 2 cm since the 2nd, 50% effaced. I had loose stools about two weeks ago. I was thinking I was going in soon but it didn't happen. I had been sick to my stomach and not really able to hold food or fluids down to the point where I got dehydrated three times in less than two weeks. I think the loose stools had come from not really eating any real food, just crackers and toast and stuff like that. I was given something called fenegren(sp?), suppositories that stopped nausea and vomiting. It put me to sleep though.


babii_boo91 - January 27

I didnt really have any of the syptoms my abor just kinda started good luck



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