Question For Second Or Third Time Moms

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Tasha - September 3

Just a poll to see how the second or third births went, were they earlier than your first babies, later or on time? Thanks!!


minnesotamommyof3 - September 18

tasha this is baby number 3 for me and both my girls were right on time although the duration of labor dropped a lot. I was in labor for around 18 hours with my first but only 6 or 7 with my second and was MUCH easier. Everyone keeps telling me since it is my 3rd he will be early but I don't think so just hoping it will be even shorter than the 2nd. Good luck and remember it isn't forever even though it seems like it.


austynsmommy - September 18

With my first I was in labor for 5 hours and I was exactly 40 weeks. With my son I was in labor for 2 hours and I was 37 weeks. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and am hoping for another fast delivery.


alirenee86 - September 18

Awesome question and something I've been wondering myself- constantly!! I had my first last November and was in labor a total of 4.5 hours!! I don't know how much faster it could be with my second...I didn't have an epi with my first either. I'm glad it was both fast and natural, but gives me a scary feeling to know it may be fast and furious again. Best of luck to you!


Cookie - September 20

lol...I just realized it's Tasha from the sept. board....well you know my story...2nd baby...and now a WEEK overdue...ugh


terri - September 24

hey tasha, this is my fourth pregnancy. all my labours have been fairly fast, my first i was induced at42 weeks and labour lasted 4 hrs and second i was 41 weeks and labour lasted 5 hrs and third labour lasted about 4 hrs and i delivered at 39 weeks. this time i am currently 37 weeks and hoping that i go to my due date since i still have a lot that i want to do before the new addition arrives. also the first was horrible pain since i was induced, second was fairly good but still hurt like heck but foudn the pushing horrible and my third was awful all around. i had horrible labour pains, front and back and severe after pains as well. i have never had any type of medication that freezes though i might opt for it this time. epidural i meant. good luck. when are you due?


Tasha - September 24

I am due on Monday, 5 more days, but my first was 9 days overdue and I was induced and it ended in a c-section. Im trying to have a vbac this time so I was just curious. If its anything like its brother its going to be fashionably late!


sparkyhaze - September 26

This is baby no 3 for me. My first was a day before her due date, and labor was 6 hours from start to finish My second was a day after her due date, and I labor was 12 hours.Double the first, I was very disappointed.So this one i am sure will be on time, but could be an even longer labor


kimberly - October 2

My first was 3 weeks early, my 2nd was 10 days early and my 3rd was also 3 weeks early but I was induced due to kidney problems.


alirenee86 - October 8

I just had my 2nd yesterday. I was induced at 1 week past my due date and it was a 4 hour labor with an epi given around 6 cm's. My first was 3.5 hours with one push and the doctors kept telling me yesterday that that just isn't the norm and when I was hanging around 6 cm's and in SO much pain, they said I'm getting the epi and I didn't argue. I'm glad to have experienced it both with and without an epidural and glad both were fast. My first also came one day before his due date, and my 2nd came 1 week later. I think they're comfier inside the second time around and can linger around longer after the due date. He was also about a pound bigger than my first.


E586467 - October 9

My 1st came exactly 1wk late, was a 12.5hr labour & 45mins pushing & she weighed 7lb 9oz. I had gas & pethidine & as the pethidine put dd to sleep, the doctors said my labour may not have taken so long if I hadn't had the drugs :( (wish they told me that might happen BEFORE they gave me the shot). My 2nd came 5days late, was a 8hr labour & 30mins pushing & he weighed 9lb 3oz. I had a completely natural drug free water birth with him & am convinced that is why it was an easier birth, even though he was so big. I am currently 27wks preg with #3 & will do my best to go natural again, but either way I hope this one will be an even shorter easier labour.


c-iredale - November 20

This is now my third! My first daughter was 17.5 hours of really hard labour from the very begining, and she was two weeks late.She weighed in at 8pnd 3oun. My second daughter was 3 hours very hard labour from the begining as well and was just over three weeks late! She weighed 9pnd 3oun. This time I dont care as long as the labour is fast again! But we will see!!!


xxjoxxjoxx - November 22

hi, im 37+3 days, im 3/5 engaged and losing a olot of discharge, does that mean im gettin ready for labour and it wont be long?



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