Question On Dropping

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Bonnie - January 13

My baby is still sitting up extremely high on me. I was just curious to know if you can go into labor when the baby hasn't dropped or if they always drop first?


Heather - January 13

I read somewhere that you can go into labor even if they have not dropped. Some babies will not drop until you have dialated so much. I can't rememvber where I read that.. maybe "What to expect when expecting" book?


KrYstaL - January 13

it's usuallly with your first child that you drop about two weeks before you go in . with subsequent children it can actually be when you're in labor. with my second child i didn't drop till i was in labor. with my third i dropped two weeks before i went in. With my first child it was hard to tell because i was overdue and had to be induced.


Bonnie - January 14

Yeah, I have heard what Krystal said. This is my first so looks like I will probably end up being induced. I don't mind the weight so much as they are guessing he is already around 9 pounds with 1 week left before i am due. >< Scary.


kaylynnsmom - January 15

My dd didn't drop until I was in labor. I went to the DR. on TUesday, he checked me siad, that I was 1-2 cm and the baby was still very high. I went into labor on Thursday Evening.


alicia - January 15

dropping is like the whole finding out if you're dilated at the doctors...while it may mean your closer to giving labor it really doesnt necessarily hold any relativeness. Some people do not drop until they go into labor while others drop weeks ahead of time. Iv been dropped for over a month now with his head low enough that the doc felt it during an exam but hes so comfy he doesnt want to come out yet. lol. good all honesty, if i knew he was just going to sit that low i woulda wished he wouldnt because it was then that i got my stretch marks, started to have to pee every 5 minutes, started getting back aches and lost the ability to sleep. lol. soo goodluck. enjoy the fact that he or she is not playing soccer with your bladder. lol



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