Raspberry Tea

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Kristina - May 2

I live in England and cannot find "rasberry leaf tea" anywhere. Go figure, the tea capitol of the world. I bought raspberry tea, but thats not the same things right? I guess I am asking whether raspberry "leaf" tea is something special or do you find it in the aisle with all the other normal teas.


Maddie - May 2

I would like to know the same question. I live in the U.S. and I'd like to buy some too. Besides inducing labor is drinking it good for the baby? I am 34 weeks, and I was wondering if I should start drinking it now. Probably not huh? Anyone have experience with this type of tea?


kristina - May 2

I read in "What to Expect When Expecting" that its not good to drink it before your due date. I am 41 weeks, so I am all about it. I dont remember why it said you shouldn't. I still cant find it anyway. I guess I will just stick to normal raspberry tea and hope its the same thing, although I highly doubt it is.


Kristina - May 2

I found the answer to our question: Tea recipe To make a tea, pour 1 cup boiling water over 2 teaspoons of herb and steep for ten minutes. Strain. During the first two trimesters, drink 1 cup per day. During the final trimester, drink 2-3 cups per day. You can harvest your own red raspberry leaves or can purchase them dried in bulk from your local health food store or organic grocery. I like to harvest my own. To dry the leaves quickly, I lay them on a cotton sheet in the back of my vehicle on a hot day with the windows closed. I use a wonderfully nourishing recipe that also includes rose hips for Vitamin C and stevia, which is naturally sweet. Tasty Prairie Tea


kris - May 2

That lady sounds a little nutty, but at least we know that you buy it at health food stores.


b - May 4

..:)... I found the tea at my local organic food store.


Marcia - May 12

So is there a difference between Raspberry tea and Raspberry LEAF tea?


TJ - May 14

There is a difference. Rasberry Tea, like made from Lipton, is just flavored tea, but doesn't have the actually rasberry leaf in it. A true rasberry leaf tea will say it on the box. I bought mine at GNC. Most herbal stores carry it. And yes, it is safe to drink. But I would not start until 36 weeks. It tones your uterus and cervix and prepares them for labor. I started drinking mine at 36 weeks, and at 39 weeks I am 100% effaced. Also helps after you deliver to make the uterus go back into place and helps with the delivery of the placenta. I don't like to drink it hot, so I make it like it says on the box, add some honey, and put it in the fridge, then drink it cold. The brand I have is made by Basic Organics and has no additives.



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