Really Early Labor

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Tina - November 24

I am 15 weeks and when I was 14 weeks I woke up with my pants covered in blood (but I didn't know until I got to the bathroom cause I was so tired I never looked down, apparently I was dripping all the way to the bathroom) but we went to the ER the baby was fine (actually was a week ahead of schedule measuring 15w2days when he/she was supposed to be around 14w2days) Only a day or two after that when I went to the bathroom when I wiped there was a snot looking substinence with a lil bit of pinkish bloody tinge. I called the hospital and they said that it could have been my mucus plug.. I've heard that it grows back sometimes is that true? I'm really worried about pre-term labor. Has anyone else experienced this? Will they be able to stop labor if it starts this early? I also have been having cramping since I found out I was pregnant. (this is my second pregnancy never had any of this happen last time) I also have a low lying placenta.... If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated.


bump - November 26



tina - November 27

Can anyone give me any input?


Christine - November 29

Tina you need to talk to your doc a lot more about this...the bleeding both times was probably caused by your low lying may be covering your cervix which is called placenta this point in pregancy they probably would not stop would be considered a to your doc about it...I also have a low placenta..not covering the cervix but close to it so they are watching it and said no intercourse...a lot of times they move up...and a lot of woman with this problem get bleeding...I have never heard of anyone losing their mucas plug so early..not to say it cannot happen, but sounds a little your doc asap..and make sure they explain some more to you good luck...


Tina - November 29

Thank you Christine for your input... I have been on bedrest since I went to the hospital and so far the cramping is getting better (only once in a while do I get a cramp) and I'm not sure but someone told me that sometimes if the mucus plug is lost that early that it grows back.. I'm not sure how true that is but I think it might be cause I'm doing a lot better now. I'm going for an ultrasound again next tuesday to check on everything. Once again thank you so much.


Christine - November 29

Tina I wish you luck...I figured they would follow it up...I'm praying that everything goes good for you and the baby..and keep us informed


SHARONAND BUMP - December 20



LARUL - December 27

Hello Tina, I also faced the same problem. Doc. asked me to take bed rest with medication. Baby is doing fine except 1.5 cm dilation. I understand from your message that you are feeling better now. Can you please write more about your current situation. Hope things will go fine with you. Pray for you to recover soon.



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