Red Rasberry Leaf Tea

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Tucson - October 28

I am 39wks and 2 days. And my doc told me that I was only dilated 1cm at 39wks and that he may have to induce in 2 wks. So since Tuesday I have been drinking this rasberry leaf tea. How long does it take to work? What else can I do for the baby to hurry up and come??? I was told that I want to avoid being induced!


Lori - November 1

Walk, walk, walk!


Ashley - November 1

I have heard walking and s_x. I am in the same boat as u, so I wanna know too. I have tried everything myself. I have been 2 1/2-3 cm dialated for like 2-3 weeks now and still havent progressed, how crazy! So yea if anyone has suggestions let us know!


K - November 1

Where do you get raspberry leaf tea?


christine - November 2

why do you want to avoid being induced? other than its best for your body to begin when it is ready...I was induced with my second child and everything was perfectly fine.


shayla - November 2

I think that rasberry leaf tea is very good for when it time or close to time for your baby. I drunk it with my first child when I was 40 week and two days later I was having my baby.


k - November 2

im almost 38 wks and wanna try it. Christine-I would rather not be induced because induction increases the risk for cesarean.And obviously if you are getting induced then your body is NOT I just want to try the tea to help soften things up so I can prgress better, as most first time pregnancies end up being induced from what I have heard.


K - November 8

tried the tea-it didnt work, but it is good to drink in the last weeks of pregnancy anyway because it tones your uterus helping it prepare for labour, supposedly making it easier.


annaliese - November 12

i was induced in my last pregnancy and i tried all sorts to start not try castor oil it doesn't work! laughter is supposed to be great, rent a good comedy!


G - November 17

I heard that walking, nipple stimulation, and s_x will help you go into labor, personally I've tried all 3 and none have worked so far. Im a few days away from 40 weeks and dont want to be induced either.


Rachel - November 19

I am 39 weeks and have been at 4 for two of them...I am considering the tea, but have only found info on how it makes an 'easier' labor. So far s_x and walking have not proven productive, but everyone is different I suppose.


Melanie - November 21

With my first child I drank raspberry leaf tea and it worked. My mother was getting impatient, she was staying with me until the birth. I made a huge pitcher of tea and drank the whole thing in a few hours. That night I was in labor. I was already late though, so it may have just sped me up.


Tasha - November 21

I am 38 weeks and 2 days. Early in my pregnancy it was everything we could do to keep her in there and now after being in labor 5 times, they told me at 35 weeks I was safe. I have been dialated 2cm and 75% effaced for two week and there talking c-section. I have tried every old wives tale and none of them work. Castor oil (vomitting for 3 hours), herbs (I give you a warning, know who you are getting them from, mine were tainted and I ended up in the hospital), walking, all of it. The only two things that seem to be helping are raspberry tea and evening primrose oil BUT they only prepare your body. even at this stage, children have a mind of their own.


Aubrey - November 23

I just heard that a mixture of castor oil, orange juice and a teaspoon of bicarb soda can get things moving. Im currently drinking the tea for the first time, i'll let you know what happens!


jacqueline - November 26

my friend just had a baby last June... she was induced because her blood pressure put her in danger of preclempsia... before they actually give you oxytocin to induce you they put a coil laced with hormones to get you to dilate in hopes that the dilation itself will bring on labour... well not only did it work... it "over-worked" and she started getting BIG contractions every 2 minutes for like 3 hours before her cervix was open enough for them to give her an epidural... they gave her Demoral for the pain and she had an adverse reaction so between the 2 minute interval contractions she was vomiting and exhausted... i don't mean to scare you or anyone else reading this but this did happen... it doesn't mean the same thing happens to everyone though...just keep it in mind if and while you still have a choice... keep drinking that raspberry leaf tea, walk, and ... yes... i hear s_x helps...but i don't i don't know if you or your husband will be in the mood at this time


Kim - November 27

I know how you ladies feel. With my first pregnancy, I was 1 cm for a month. I am having my second baby, and guess what, its the same thing been 1 cm for a month! I did the walking and everything, and nothing changed as far as dilating. The only reason I went into labor with my daughter was because my water broke, and they try to deliver babies within 24 hour of the waterbreaking, so I had no choice but to be induced. They administered Pitocin, and nothing changed for almost 12 hours. I was still 1 cm. So they upped the dose and the next thing I knew I was 4 cm. Soooo I am thinking this is gonna be me again for the second time!!!


Anne-Marie (Australia) - December 6

Im 38.5wks and the rasp tea has helped calm me down anyway. It tastes good and if it helps labour then where is the harm? I have tried (all in one day) castor oil, enemas, vindaloo curry, cervix stretch, EP capsules orally and on the cervix and all that resulted was three hours of contractions, a runny bum and no baby. BUT three days later I have completley thinned, and the Dr said I have other symptoms of being very close: slightly raised blood pressure, reflux, less fluid, fetal heart rate down slightly and a big drop in baby moving. I was induced with my 1st and want to avoid it this time...hers hoping!



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