Regular Contractions For 12 Hours But

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June Bride - April 13 cervix hasn't changed. I started having contractions at lunch yesterday and waiting for 2 hours before going into the hospital. They were regular 3-4 minutes apart and very painful. But of course, I hadn't dialated. I then had a bloody show (which looked like I blew my nose and it had blood in it - sorry if TMI) and the contractions were so painful that I couldn't talk through them. Went to the hospital AGAIN and still at 1 cm. Just looking for advice, sympathy, help, you name it! :-) Thanks!


maxsmom - April 13

Are you effaced?? And why can't they give you something to help you dialate? How many weeks are you? Sorry for your frustrations!!!!!!


Erin1979 - April 13

How far along are you?? What you saw sounds more like a mucous plug. The bloody show is bloody....not really like snot. False labour sucks. Did they do a Non-stress test? If you are not in true labour, they won't give you anything to bring the contractions on. All I can say is be patient, do lots of walking (that will bring on labour) and rest.....believe me, you'll need it!! Good Luck!


June Bride - April 13

Thanks Maxsmom - I am hitting 37 weeks tomorrow and measuring (based on 3 ultrasounds) 1 week ahead of schedule. The doctor said that the cervix is "thick" and almost 1 cm, 50% effaced. My contractions are pretty much gone now this afternoon - I just don't understand how these BH can be so painful (couldn't talk through them and I have a high tolerance for pain). Baby has already dropped (2-3 weeks ago). I am just frustrated because how will I know for sure that I am in true labor and not false . . . AGAIN? I can't check my own cervix so do I just wait for my waters to break? Thanks for letting me vent/complain, etc. :-)


LoriAnn2994 - April 13

well I went to the hospital with regular contractions 3-5 min apart yesterday. They were very painful. I had been dilated already for 2 weeks at 2cm. Now I am 2 1/2 she sent me home. Told me not to come back untill I could not talk through them anylonger. I almost wanted to tell her where to go. If I wait that long I might as well deliver it at home myself!!!


maxsmom - April 13

June bride- only 15% of women actually have their water break before they are in labor. For most, contractions happen first. SO please don't wait for your water to break..... that could be too late. I am 36 weeks 70% effaced and dialated to 2. I also have Braxton Hicks all the time but mine have never been regular or that painful. If they were, I would do exactly what you have done. If I were you, I would just keep going back. Eventually they won't send you home lol!!!!


June Bride - April 13

Ladies - I can't thank you enough for your support and words. My dh is just frustrated with me (says he isn't but I can see it in his eyes). I agree with the low percentage of women that actually have their water's break but I am to the point of frustration. To top it off, my doctor came into Triage and started yelling at me for coming in all of the time with the false labor concerns. Yelled at me in front of all of the nurses so needless to say, I despise her. I am going to just take it easy this weekend and try and regroup to find my positive att_tude. Once again, thanks to all of you and good luck!


Daniella - April 13

June Bride- Oh my!! Awww, I am so sorry!!! There should be no reason the doctor should yell at you. Like you said, how are you supposed to know. Is this your first?? At least it sounds like your close, but it has to be so stressful just not knowing if this isn't it, then what is!? Too bad they didn't have a test that can say exactly (or at least close) when you will have the baby. Maybe future technology!? LOL... Try to hang in there. Do you live far from the hospital??


preggiepop02 - April 14

I totally understand! Wednesday I was having them 2 min apart and they about made me double over! Waited 2 hrs and they stayed consistent so we went in. I have been 1+cm and 80% effaced for about 2 weeks now. I thought for sure this time was it.. but nothing!! I had contractions like that from 5 pm wednesday through thursday and still no cervical change! im at the point as well where i just have no idea when to go in! How could contractions hurt so bad yet not cause any change? I guess its the whole mystery of pregnancy :o) good luck to you!!


mom2b2x - April 15

This is so rea__suring i dont know why but i felt like i was the only one ... i went to my doctors office the other day because i had been having contractions for almost 24 hours and they were getting worse . i coul dhardley get dressed to go to the drs office and i kept feeling like i was goin to vomit and then i would break out ina sweat the dr said it was just braxton hicks and that i was only 1 cm dilated. my baby dropped at 34 weeks and i lost my mucous plug 2 days later and i am 37 weeks now and still nothing but contractions and bad pelvic pressure. my doctor said he would not stop me if i went into labor now and that just because iwasnt in active labor at that point didnt mean that i couldnt go at any point .. rea__suring right ? not !!! now everytime i start contracting and having bad pains i think is this it or is it just false labor again ? stressed out is all i can say ... good luck to you all and we will all be holding our babies very soon it seems ...


Daniella - April 15

Well, I was 3 cm last week at 36 weeks. Lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks when I started dilating...... had a total bloody show 2 days ago. Like 2-3 tablespoons of this c___p. So, I thought I would be close. Yet, here I am still waiting. Having horrible contractions, but nothing a doctor would keep me at the hospital for. I feel like I may not be going until my water breaks. At least then they can't send me hone. Until then, I guess its all just a wonderful (not!) waiting game. Oh, and I was 80% effaced last week also. Its like I'm so close, yet so far. I could be going on like this for a couple more weeks. Argh!!!



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